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July 1-7 Card Reading: Release, Retreat, Accept

I felt called to mix decks this week, something that I often do and that I really enjoy as the reading can be extremely specific, as it is this week. The cards that I used for the beginning and the end of the week are from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot, the middle of the week is from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Deck (this deck mixes well with all of mine), and a summary card from Steven Farmer’s Power Animal deck.


The week starts with the Emotional Loss card. This card has been showing up a lot in my personal readings and my readings for others. This message is about letting go of relationships that are holding us back from experiencing ourselves fully. In this reading, this feels like these are major relationships that we have been unable to fully release due to the heaviness of the emotions involved and because they may not have ended how we wanted them to. Harboring these hurt emotions is holding us back from fostering authentic and loving relationships with ourselves and others in the present. We need to release our guilt and shame associated with them along with all of our “If only I had…” statements.


Recognizing the relationship/s that we need to release in the early week provides us with the catalyst to  manifest change. In this case, the action needed is inaction. Take time to meditate and reflect on your attachments to this relationship. Ask yourself, “What am I holding onto and why?” Know that your inner light is capable of transforming even the darkest of attachments and that awareness will always bring light into the darkness. We see a connection to nature here as well, and that is continued in the third card.


The end of the week brings the Rest & Relaxation card. One of the benefits of using mixed decks is that if there is a strong need for a message to be given, it can be emphasized. We have that here in that we need to continue our reflections. It is not time to move on yet. What we are releasing is really ingrained, and we need to make sure that we connect deeply with our higher selves and our higher power to really see the patterns and attitudes that have shaped our lives as a result of these past relationships. This last card shows the need to commune with nature, and also to surrender to the Divine. The man’s hands are open in surrender and acceptance as he lets go and as he prepares to receive the blessings that are coming to him.


Regardless of the reading that I’m doing, I love pulling a Power Animal card at the end. I find that the message that comes through is often a nice little summary of the cards that have come forth. This reading is no exception. The Coyote card comes to remind us to accept our follies and find the teaching in them. Many of us have things in our past that would be easy to regret, but that only weighs us down. In order to grow and expand, we must learn to look within without judgment, examine what happened, accept it and then move on. Use these situations as learning tools and stepping stones to attract relationships and experiences that are fulfilling and nourishing into your life, and watch the magic unfold!


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June 24-30 Card Reading: Step into Your Power

We have some wonderful cards this week and it looks like all of the hard work you’ve all been doing is paying off. For this reading, I’m using the Psychic Tarot by John Holland, a deck that I just recently got and that I love. I first became acquainted with the deck through Allyson Roberts, a very gifted psychic and a wonderful friend. I find it to be extremely accurate and to the point, stern when necessary, yet gentle at the same time.

Destiny Card

The beginning of our week is heralded by the Destiny card. Things are coming full circle for us and we are truly on our paths. We feel connected to ourselves and to the divine. Nevertheless, there are a few things that need to be dealt with so that we may move on fully and confidently. Our shadow selves still appear, and we need to acknowledge that the shadow is a part of us and that it helped to get us to where we are right now. That said, it is time to release all that no longer serves us so that we may step into our power. The yellow glow reminds us of the energy of our solar plexus chakra, as we move into our power with a complete and compassionate understanding of what that means for us.

Fulfillment of Wishes

As we move into mid-week, the Fulfillment of Wishes card shows us the results of releasing the emotions associated with our shadow self. As we stand between the cascades of our watery emotions, we are not engulfed by them. We are perched upon a beautiful leaf, high above the river, enjoying the products of the seeds we have planted. We are wise and enabled and our treasure chest is open to us – all we need to do is reach in and take what we want. The discernment and wisdom we have gathered along with the genuine power we now possess ensures us that we will use our treasure wisely.

Choose Wisely

That thought is further developed in our next card: Choose Wisely. We have planted many seeds and many opportunities are now available to us. This weekend marks the time when we must stop and listen to our inner guidance so that we can make the decision that is in our best interest. Things are calling to us from all directions and it may be that we have other people telling us what they think we should do. This is the moment when we must pause, and like the man on the pier, open our hands and our hearts to our higher selves. The seagulls here represent our desires – our true path – the one that calls to us.

While we are meant to enjoy all that we have worked for and attracted to us, this week is about acknowledging our hard work and commending ourselves for it, while also being aware that in order to truly enjoy it, we may still need to do a little releasing. Early in the week ask yourself: What is it that still needs to be healed? Is there anything still holding me back from expressing who I fully am? Allow these emotions to wash away from you so that you may move fully into your power. Once there, ask for guidance and use discernment to follow your heart’s desire.