Totem Guidance

Weekly Reading July 8-14, 2013: Your Dreams Are Coming True (If You Let Them!)

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This week I am using the beautiful and gentle Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I love these cards as much for the sweet yet direct messages as for the phenomenal artwork.

Ace of Fire

This week starts off with a bang. The Ace of Fire card shows us that you can expect an exciting new opportunity to present itself at the beginning of the week. This is something that you’ve been looking forward to for a while. You planted the seeds for this some time back and you have been tending them. Now is the time that they have finally flowered. The fire energy brings with it inspiration and the drive to create something that we feel passionate about and the Universe is letting you know that the time has finally come. There is an element of magic to this as well. Jump in! Follow your dreams!

Nine of Air

After the initial excitement associated with your venture wears off, though, you may begin to doubt yourself. The Suit of Air represents our intellect, and it appears here that at mid-week, your mind is trying to take over what your passion ignited. Nine of Air shows you fretting over the logistics of this new opportunity. Will it work? Am I crazy to think I can do this? What if I don’t succeed? These doubts are fears created by your ego to hold you back. But notice that there are glow worms all around you and these sparks of light and life are there to remind you that your passions can most certainly be brought to life and transformed. There is magic all around you, if only you can remember to see it. As you feel these doubts arise, turn toward the light and check in with yourself. Remember all of the hard work that you’ve done to get here and realign yourself with that feeling of joy that you experienced at the beginning of the week when you felt your dreams come to life. Remember too that you don’t have to take a huge leap of faith; there can be a slow and steady progress towards your dream, but the more faith that you have in yourself and the Divine, the more quickly you will see results. Trust and allow the magic to unfold.

Eight of Earth

With the weekend comes some practical advice to help you get your project off the ground. Perhaps your worry stemmed from a feeling of not being fully prepared. While you have spent some time nurturing this idea, it is possible that you may still have some research or studying to do. Eight of Earth shows us in the magical world of the fairies. The Earth is the realm of manifestation and the fairies are the earth angels that live there. They can help you to manifest your dreams, if only you ask. Here they are showing you that a little studying will go a long way to bring your desires to life and to help you remain centered and grounded in your dreams.


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