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Weekly Card Reading July 15-21: Prepare for the Magic!

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Last week showed us welcoming new opportunities into our lives that it’s time to tend to. This is further developed this week as we jump into a time of reflection and spiritual connection. I used John Holland’s Psychic Tarot for this reading, and I’m struck again by the beauty of the cards and the message this week.

The Waiting Game

We start the week with The Waiting Game. All that you have been working for has grown roots and sprouted leaves. You have put in the time and energy to bring our dreams to life, and if you’ve followed last week’s advice, you’ve even committed to doing a little more study with respect to these opportunities. It may seem frustrating now that you have to wait longer, but try not to be discouraged. The number two is all about choices and a balancing of dualities. In the past you were afraid to choose what felt right in your heart, but no more! It is important to keep the faith right now – Spirit is moving with and through you and this power will propel you forward as the right elements all fall into place.


In fact, Spirit is all over these cards this week. Violet circles the first card (though it showed up as blue in the picture) and it is illuminating the other two. The Cosmos is represented as well as you tap into your connection with the All that Is. This is all about uniting with Spirit and trusting that only the best is unfolding for you. This is a time for introspection and connection as you await the manifestation of your dreams. The Awareness card tells you to dig in deep and recall that you possess everything you need to move along your path. This card often shows up as someone switches directions in their career or path, and so it is further validation of the cards over the past several weeks. Trust in yourself and your ability to do this. Meditate, connect with Spirit, believe; your dreams are coming true!


At the end of the week, after looking within and taking some time for introspection, you connect with your Truth. This is a beautiful card about balance within yourself, and it reconnects you to the balancing of dualities that showed up at the beginning of the week. In fact, balance creates a bridge in this spread for the awareness that you are experiencing, supporting it and creating safe passage within. This card also reminds you that truth brings you back to the present moment, away from the drama of the past and the anxiety of the future. You simply just ARE in this moment, aware of yourself and trusting in the unfolding of your purpose.  Understanding this grants you authenticity and magic, the perfect potion for moving forward on your path.


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