Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading July 22-28, 2013: Release, Connect, Reflect

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Let It Go

Quan Yin comes to us at the beginning of the week with the message to “Let It Go!” I added the exclamation point because it feels to me that whatever it is that you’ve been holding onto is starting to pull you down. It is time. I’m sensing that for some of us, this is manifesting in something physical, such as holding onto a relationship too tightly out of fear, and for others it is more emotional in the sense that there needs to be some forgiveness or compassion around a person or situation. Quan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of compassion, and she can help you to achieve this if you call on her. She is asking you to open your heart so that you may be free of this bond that is preventing you from living more freely and joyfully.

You are Seeing This Situation Accurately

The resolution to release these heavy energies in the beginning of the week will bring you lightness and clarity, allowing you to connect more clearly with your intuition. As we roll into Wednesday, know that “You Are Seeing This Situation Accurately.” Now that you have cleansed away the emotions that were clouding your judgment, you can truly tap into and trust your intuition. This card is all about believing in yourself and what you see. The lunar energy combined with the third eye and the Egyptian god Horus remind us that we hold the truth within and that not only are we are capable of recognizing it, but also that we have to be willing to act according to it. Creating trust in our intuitive senses generates even greater insight. Once you acknowledge the veracity of your vision/knowing, you will most likely need to initiate some change with respect to the situation or person.

Meditate Card

It is important to take time to reflect before acting. We have the gentle reminder from Quan Yin for Monday and Tuesday to remain compassionate and forgiving towards that which we let go, and Buddha reminds us as we step into our weekend to “Meditate” and not act rashly. As we shed our resentments and release our fears, we are able to see clearly how we have been affected by others in our lives. It can be tempting to act hastily and jump away from a situation. Buddha wants us to take the time to meditate on our actions. This is not to say that we shouldn’t leave behind situations and/or people that have been hurting us or hindering us, but it is a reminder to reflect on the best way to do so, so that we can do it without hurting another and without regrets. I am also feeling that taking the time to connect with yourself at the end of the week will bring completion and peace to the hard work done earlier in the week. Give yourself some time to rest and rejuvenate. Recharging yourself in this way will help you to maintain balance and inner peace.

I used Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters oracle cards this week for their gentle and to the point guidance. This deck is a wonderful way to work with the energies of the ascended masters, who are powerful guides that can help us to create meaningful and lasting change in our lives.


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