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Weekly Card Reading July 29 – Aug 4, 2013: Relieve Anxiety With Creativity

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We have a very interesting and complex reading this week as we seem to be struggling within ourselves. Unlike our usual reading in which we have a card for each part of the week, I felt drawn to pull four cards that seem to have relevance to the first and second halves of the week. It’s as though the angels are giving us a preview of our options: it can either be this way or it can be that way – you choose!



We have been allowing in old thought patterns, knowing that it’s not the way that we want to think or act, but not knowing how to unravel that aspect of ourselves. The Temptation card shows us that we have been giving a lot of attention to these negative aspects instead of working on creating harmony within our being. Our angels want us to know that Spiritual Union is within us! This card often represents relationships with others, but in this spread it is all about loving, respecting, and caring for ourselves. It reminds us of our infinite selves and our connection to the Divine and it asks us to step into our creativity so that we can shine. By turning away from our temptations, which right now are patterns of thought that hinder us, we are able to step into our creative, limitless, divine selves. The choice is ours and it is always available to us. We need to move away from our personal drama into a sincere and pure connection with ourselves.


We have two potential outcomes, almost entirely dependent upon the course of action that we take at the beginning of the week. If we continue to fret and worry about what we don’t have or what we can’t seem to procure, we will remain locked in a dark and isolated cell, Trapped in Fear. All of these machinations are a product of our overworking analytic brains. Moreover, all this thinking has made our heads hurt and is causing us to feel despondent and confused. The solution is to step into the present moment and to connect with our creative selves. Doing so opens up the flow of energy and allows goodness and light to enter. Should we choose this path, our week will end happily and we will Rejoice in Celebration. Again we have the image of a cup – a symbol of life energy, creation, and abundance and we are able to raise it up to toast a job well done. We are surrounded by orbs of light – this is our heavenly support team. We are always supported in everything that we do, but when we choose to shine and stay true to our higher selves, they can shine right along with us.

The cards are asking us to stay on course with our paths and to hold true to our higher selves. As Yoda would say, we must not be seduced by the dark side. Remember that fear and anger (at times masquerading as worry and anxiety) have the power to strip us down. Acknowledge your fear and instead of remaining in it, choose a constructive and creative outlet for your energies and then allow the celebration to begin!

This week I used John Holland’s Psychic Tarot, one of my favorite decks to work with. The cards can be direct and to the point, but they are also gentle and full of love.


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