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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Divine

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Through the magic of mirroring, the message has been all around me this week though I’ve been trying to avoid it to some extent. It popped up in a meditation of mine, Rabbit came through to tell me that it was time to post about him on my Facebook page, it showed up in several readings that I’ve done for others, and then it came through in the group reading that I did for the week. Humph! It’s time to listen.

The thing is that I have been really anxious this week, along with all the others that I’ve been interacting with, and there’s been a part of me that hasn’t wanted to let go of the drama of my emotions. And so I sort of watched myself slide downhill this week until ultimately I ended up feeling lonely and isolated last night. Fortunately I had the clarity to reach out to a friend and I was able to climb out of it, but the truth of the matter is that Spirit was giving me the solution all along; I just didn’t want to listen.

Worry is an energetic vibration that drags us down. It places our attention in the future and makes it impossible for us to be in the present. Being in the moment is an essential part of spiritual and emotional health and it is the only place where we can create our reality and manifest our dreams. When we want something, the worst thing that we can do to attain it is to worry about it. This causes us to attract only more of the events that are troubling us into our lives.

The answer is to change our vibration. Sometimes this can be challenging, but one simple yet extremely effective tool we can use to accomplish this is to engage in a creative activity. When we create, we express the Divine through ourselves – we actually act out our own divinity. We become centered and grounded in the activity and we bring something that begins as a thought into physicality. There is no greater task for us to accomplish and doing this on a small scale can help us to be able to do it on a large scale. It allows for our perspectives and our emotions to shift, and it opens our eyes to the possibilities. It activates our imaginations, hones our manifestation skills, and keeps us in a higher vibrational state. If we can add joy to the process, even better!

Many of us have been taught to deny our creative impulses or were discouraged because we felt that we weren’t good enough. For the purposes of this lesson, degree of skill is inconsequential (and there is no way to improve something if you don’t work with it, right?), and the possibilities are endless. The creative process is all around us and it does include something that you are good at doing. We have been shown that creativity equals art, but that is extremely limiting to the creative process. Cooking, baking, gardening, and playing are no less creative than painting or writing. The point is to get out of self-defeating energy patterns and to engage in the process of bringing something to life. The act of birthing is never short of beautiful.

Photo by Chris Metcalf, Flickr

Photo by Chris Metcalf, Flickr


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