Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: August 5-11, 2013: Stand Firmly and Carry On…

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Congratulations! You are back on track. This week starts with the Nine of Fire, one of my favorite cards in the Angel Tarot. This card is all about standing in your power and protecting what you have. After last week, when we were given options with respect to our behavior and possible outcomes, we have made our choices and now it’s up to us to claim them and the power that derives from that. Now that we have put our fears to rest, or at least brushed them out of the way, we are ready to act and no one can stand in our way. Use this fire energy at the beginning of the week to start on the projects that you’ve been putting off due to uncertainty and confusion and put your first foot forward. Know that you may have to defend your actions, but that this new found conviction that you have is going to bring your dreams to life.


The middle of the week shows us just that. The Nine of Water reminds you that your wishes do come true! Now that you have invited more clarity into your life and cleared away some of the fear and doubt that nagged at you last week, you will start to see the fruits of your labor and your love come to life. We move into the realm of intuition and emotions, which will have a calming effect on the fiery action of the early week, and we will begin to slow down a bit and reflect. We see that our cups are full and we are receiving many blessings. Now we must listen to our intuition: What do we want from this? How shall we carry forward on our path? Once again, we need to clarify and define, hone our thoughts and our insights. We firmly committed to ourselves early in the week and now it’s time to decide how we want to carry forth. Use your intuitive mind to check in with yourself. Our concerns fade away as we begin to feel secure with ourselves and our goals. The two nines in this week’s reading are confirmation that we are at the end of a cycle and that it is time to move forward. Remember that maintaining a joyful attitude and playing is essential to your overall success. Enjoy this time!


By the end of the week, you’ve put some thought into your project or your goals and now you are ready to take the next step. The King of Air here is about presenting what we have created to the world. Until now, we’ve been holding back, and now is the time to completely let go, once and for all, and carry our ideas and projects/path to the world. We have gathered some forces and we are ready to ride! Use the King energy to help you manifest and remain confident in your decision, as this self-assurance brings you light and support. You may need to seek professional advice so that you may advance any further, but you are ready. The time to hesitate is over!

This week I used the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. It is a gentle deck with powerful artwork and messages. The angels love working with these cards!


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