Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading August 12 – August 18, 2013: Connect for Clarity and Action

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The energies are intense right now as we enter a new week. Many of us are reporting downloads and shifts in consciousness as we become ever more sensitive to our connection with our higher selves and Spirit. The intensity of this energy, which can be felt in any number of ways from feeling high to bursting into tears as you reach a new layer of trust and intimacy within yourself, shows up in the first card for this week, the Queen of Water. Here we see the heavens swirling around us as we connect with both the intuition of both the heavens and water. As we bridge the realms of these two worlds, we open to trusting our intuition and in turn, trusting ourselves more. This means that you will begin to know yourself on a deeper level and will be able to truly sense and feel the wisdom and guidance of your higher connection.


The outcome of this will be the gift of new insights and ideas, as shown to us by the Ace of Air. We have seen this unfolding over the last several weeks as we’ve begun to shift our fears to allow our true beauty and power to shine through around the middle of the week. Now that we have cut away some of the layers that kept us disconnected from our brilliance, we have created space for inspiration. With these ideas comes the gift of flight, and you are about to take off! The ace lets us know that this is the beginning of a journey for you, and the spread wings of the unicorn show us that you are ready for it.


As we move into the weekend, the need to shift from our intuitive frame of mind to a more practical one surfaces. King of Fire reminds us that it is time to focus! Without this clarity of our vision, our insights can never successfully manifest. It is time to use the king and fire energies to bring our ideas to life. Part of this focus relates to our being able to communicate that which we want to birth. Find ways now to put your dreams and inspirations into words and pictures so that Spirit can begin to help you. Journaling, writing a business plan, or putting together a vision board can help you to express your dreams and manifest your desires.

This reading is from the beautiful Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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