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Weekly Reading: August 19-25, 2013: Pause, Reflect, Release, Heal



This is a week of slowing down and healing for us. As the intensities of last week’s energies propel us into a new week, we find that we need to stop and take a pause. This manifests at the beginning of the week with The Waiting Game card. Our desires indeed are growing: within the hourglass we see the roots and the fruits of our labors. We may be seemingly pacing around, but we actually see that we are within the circles and cycles of life and that we have a few things to clear up before we move full-steam ahead.



We are shown what needs to be healed as we move into the middle of the week. The Heart Chakra card indicates that we need to focus on love, self-love, and boundaries. This is reinforced by the healing card that I felt drawn to pull to provide further insight. Recovery shows us that we have some sort of heart ailment that we need to focus on, and it feels that this is something that needs to be addressed before we can move forward on our paths; it is a part of the foundation that we must create. This looks different for all of us. I am feeling that for some of us this is expressed through a physical addiction that must be acknowledged and healed, while for others, it is due to co-dependency or an inability to properly care for ourselves. In order to create the life of our dreams, we have to be able to express self-love and self-care fully in order to remain strong and not deplete our resources, energy, joy, and love.


Bringing these issues to light may cause confusion and may feel conflicting to us, as represented by the Mental Conflict card. As we move into the last part of the week, we must take a look at those parts of our lives that are no longer serving us. This could be present as compulsively and mindlessly eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in front of the television, excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol, or even a friendship that drains us to the point of illness. Take a few moments to reflect on what things are creating disharmony in your life so that you can acknowledge, accept, and release them. Respect yourself through this process, and stay within the integrity of your heart chakra.

The blessing of our bodies is that they always tell us how something feels to us. The hurdle that most of us face is being open to receiving that information and using it, instead of numbing ourselves to it. As you reflect on that which you think may be blocking you from fully expressing your true self, notice how it feels in your chest. Do you feel constriction or fear? Where does that come from? Do you feel relief? Why?

This week is about taking a huge step towards clarity of mind and heart so that we can more fully embrace the abundance and prosperity that we are on the road to achieving. Use the intense energies that are bringing so much to the surface right now as a tool and a guide to step out of your pain and into the light.

For this reading I used the Psychic Tarot by John Holland for the main reading. The Recovery card comes from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Raphael’s Healing Oracle Deck.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Reading: August 19-25, 2013: Pause, Reflect, Release, Heal

  1. Good stuff Janet. Makes me pause and think. As always, enjoy reading your blogs.

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