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Weekly Card Reading: September 30-October 6, 2013 – Accepting Help From Others Provides You With Exactly What You Need!

Five of Earth

Last week we explored the need for trust and faith in our lives and Raccoon left us with the message that everything we need is available to us. This week we see with the Five of Earth card that part of recognizing and utilizing available resources is allowing ourselves to accept help from others. I am being told that we rely too much on figuring everything out for ourselves or forcing ourselves to find the solution when sometimes we would be able to lift ourselves out of any fix rather easily just by accepting the hand of another. For some of us this may be financial and for others it comes from allowing another to give us ideas or help in completing a task that needs to be done. Understanding that we can benefit from the knowledge and resources of another opens up an entirely new realm of possibility and allows us to step outside of the box that we’ve put ourselves in. There is wisdom in doing this, and a part of the lesson is that when we are able to receive with an open heart, we are also able to give with one.

Eight of Water

Releasing the fears of needing to do everything on our own and to “make it happen” will allow us to move out of this rut. The resources that Raccoon wanted us to see last week become apparent and a newly re-energized faith in the Divine provides us with a spiritual jump-start so to speak. We will begin to understand on a deeper level that connection with others creates a web of support and love that uplifts and upholds us all. As shown in the Eight of Water card, we are swimming to the surface, away from the empty cups. We have divined some new wisdom and allowed our intuition to guide us to a new understanding.

Ten of Water

This new insight brings near immediate results, which is shown by the Ten of Water card. Some of us may actually receive some sort of physical reward or remuneration at the end of the week, but for many of us the shift will be in our understanding that we really do have everything that we need at the moment. The paradox is that really grasping this and allowing the gratitude to flow is what is going to provide us with even more. What we accomplish at this week’s end, though, is the comfort and safety in knowing that we have many loving and supportive people in our lives and relationships that can and do help us to grow and evolve. When we surround ourselves with love and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others, we really do see that we are provided for always and in all ways.

For this week’s reading I used the Angel Tarot Cards created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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Weekly Card Reading: September 23-29, 2013 – You are Provided for in all Ways!

This week comes to us with a strong message of TRUST and FAITH. If we are to be able to fully express ourselves in this lifetime and this body, we need to find peace and be able to relax into an assurance that all is well, despite what it may look like on the outside. In order to create the life of our dreams, we need to begin to know on a deep level that we are safe and provided for. Once we acknowledge this faith and allow it to settle all the way into our Spirits, we are able to begin consciously co-creating the life that we desire.


Buffalo ushers this message in at the start of the week. He wants us to know that there is abundance all around us and that in order to understand this and to know it on a truly deep level, we must begin by expressing gratitude for all that is around us. Once we begin to capture the essence of plenty we can begin to move away from the feelings of lack. What we focus on is what we create. Buffalo shows us that we have all forms of nourishment – emotional, physical, and spiritual – and that we only need to begin to focus on that in order to begin living it.


Buffalo brought us this message because we have been overly focused and stressed about what we don’t have. This stress may reach a peak mid-week. Dove reminds us that we must find peace and serenity in order to begin to manifest that which we desire. When we find ourselves caught up in the troubles and worries of our bills and our to-do lists, Dove nudges us to take a time-out. When you notice your wires crossing and your head spinning, STOP. This is the time that you need to pause and breathe. If meditation is a part of your practice (which Dove would encourage you to do), this is the time to connect with Spirit and ask that your anxiety lift and be replaced with faith. If it’s not, Dove encourages you to at least slow down and BREATHE. The simple act of checking in with your breath can completely shift your mindset from worry and lack back into faith and abundance. Following this time-out, reset yourself by doing a quick inventory of at least five things that you are grateful for and then step back into your day.


Once we’ve calmed down, we can begin to understand and BE in the solution. Raccoon comes to us to let us know that everything we need is right at hand. We may have to forage for it a little bit at first, but when armed with faith and peace, we can be open to the flow of resources that are around us at all times. Follow your intuition and check in with your hunches – they will lead you to where you need to be so that you may find yourself IN the solution and not just searching for it. Again, the message is to step away from worry and anxiety and TRUST that we have everything we need. Opening our eyes and our intuition to the fact naturally allows us to SEE what we weren’t able to perceive only a moment before.

For this reading I used Steven Farmer’s Power Animal Oracle Cards deck.

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Weekly Card Reading September 16-22, 2013: Start Creating Your Field of Dreams!


Last week we started the work of clearing out our clutter so that we could move on, and so we begin again. Out of 54 cards in this deck, the Cleaning House card showed up again at the beginning of the week. Last week, we were asked to begin to clear the clutter out of our physical house. This enabled us to start off on our path a little clearer than we were before and with more intention. This week, the card is asking us to clear out our emotional clutter from our hearts. View your body as your spirit’s home and begin the process of removing all from it that doesn’t belong. Is your heart still pining for someone? Are you harboring a resentment that needs to be released? Take the time now to sit down with pen and paper and explore some of these questions and do your best to get it all out. What needs to be forgiven and what needs to be released? Taking care of this now is going to enable you to move forward in the week along a path of joy.

Peaks of Joy

As we really release the debris from our emotional nooks and crannies, we are going to leap into the middle of the week full of joy. We have undergone a bit of a metamorphosis here, as represented by the butterfly, and we have finally freed ourselves from the constraints of guilt, shame, anger, and resentment. Because of this, we feel light and airy and even a little bit high as we experience Peaks of Joy. This is the time to revel in these emotions and to express gratitude for all that life is offering you. You will most likely experience a lot of synchronicity mid-week as your faith and trust allow you to soar in the emotions of limitless possibility.

Gentle Gardener

Fortunately, as we come back to Earth, we alight easily. It’s important as this happens to remain in the positive frame of mind and heart that you’ve been experiencing, and to understand that even as things come down, it is all a part of a natural cycle that is going to allow you to tend to your dreams. From the heights of the clouds we can revel in joy and possibility but it is difficult to nurture our dreams into life. The Gentle Gardener comes to us to remind you that steady and patient care of your dreams will yield magnificent results. This card is about co-creating within the field of limitless possibility and is a delightful follow-up to the freedom of expression that carries us into the weekend. Take some time now to ground yourself in positive emotions and remember that the Divine will bring to life ANY seed that we plant, so be conscious and aware of all that you are thinking and intending. Stay positive and clear about your intentions and allow Spirit to help you achieve your dreams.

This reading is from the gorgeous Enchanted Map deck created by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading September 9-15 2013: Clear the Clutter and Move On!

We’ve been processing a lot of emotions over the last month or so and doing so has allowed us to move into a deeper connection with ourselves and has opened the space for new opportunities and relationships with others. This week the process continues, only Spirit is asking us to start taking a look at the clutter that we’ve accumulated over the years so that we can begin to open up more physical (and hence emotional) space in our homes (and our hearts). We’ve allowed stuff to pile up around us, forming a little fortress around our hearts. As the clutter grows, we become easily distracted by the shiny objects around us, so to speak, and begin to experience a disconnect from our true essence. It is difficult to be present to ourselves and our lives when we have allowed ourselves to be swallowed by memories and objects.


Take time at the beginning of the week to start clearing this clutter. The Cleaning House card asks us to jump into a spring cleaning of our home. As you move through your house, ask yourself how much you really need the objects in it. What are you holding onto and why? If you are reluctant to let go of a memento from your past, ask yourself what it really is that you’re holding onto. All of these memories form ghosts in our home that can hold us back from truly moving into the full expression of our lives.


The Golden Palace card comes to us for mid-week. The card showed up reversed in the spread, meaning that we are holding onto what we believe security should look like a little too tightly. This is very closely related to the Cleaning House card and it asks us to further examine our relationship to all that we cling to. Are we holding onto that gift from our first love because we are afraid that we will never find love again? Do we have a closet overflowing with clothing because we fear that we won’t be able to buy more? As we examine these questions and emotions and begin to honestly sort through our belongings, we can begin to move into a true sense of faith and prosperity. I feel the card flipping over into an upright position as we undergo this process. As this happens, we begin to realize that true prosperity is our birthright and that the treasure is within us and has been the whole time. Finally, we see that self-worth is not measured by what we have, but by what we are.


This new understanding of us brings us to a new point along our journey, as demonstrated by the Talisman card. We are experiencing a deepening of wisdom with respect to ourselves that will light the way along our path. Our talisman not only protects us and brings us good luck, but it also opens us to a new experience altogether. We begin to notice the magic around us once we have the space to see it without the distractions and stuff that formerly clouded our vision.  We are now able to recognize the pitfalls and obstacles that have been holding us back so that we can create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It all starts with the first step, and here we see that step guided by the yin-yang symbol – we feel more balanced and complete. So go ahead, and put your first foot out there!

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Weekly Card Reading September 2-8, 2013: Let Go of the Past and Gain Power in the NOW


We have been moving in cycles of growth spurts over the last few weeks and this continues as we move into a new one. As we grow and move onto our path, we are called to examine ourselves more closely and to heal that which needs to be healed. Because last week ushered in a quantum leap in expansion for many of us, we are now faced with examining yet another layer of healing. As we approach our new week, it behooves us to be aware that this week we may be dealing with Goblins. When we are wounded along our path and we separate from our wholeness, the “goblins” develop as that little (sometimes BIG) voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or loveable enough – anything to make you  believe that you are not worthy of the love and the goodness that this world has to offer you. The first step this week is to become aware that the voice in your head is NOT you.  We can heal it by understanding that the voice of the goblins is the voice of our shadow self and by recognizing that our true power comes from our connection to the Divine and our higher self, which is perfect and is love.


Our week is bridged by the Encouragement card, which sits at the heart of this week. This card encourages us to step into our power and to trust that we are supported always and in all ways. You are on your right path and you are a being of immense power. When the goblins begin to whisper in your ear, remember to reconnect with your essential self. We are all human and we will all make mistakes – it is a part of our experience here on Earth to do so. Know that within every mistake and every lesson is the seed to allow you to expand even more and to connect even more intimately with your personal power. Allow your light to shine on your shadows as you step into yet another cycle of power.


The week is topsy-turvy however. As we examine the shadow elements, we tend to cling to the events in the past that created them. We remember things that we thought we had forgotten and we wonder “What if?” or play around with “If only I had…” The past is a Ghostlands and we must recognize it for what is was and leave it behind. When you find yourself looking back with either nostalgia or resentment, remember to ground yourself back into the present. You cannot change the past and spending time there mentally is not only draining, it is counterproductive to creating the life you truly want to live. Life is happening NOW – come back to the present and be HERE. Return to the feeling of being divinely supported that bridges and extends out through the week. The Encouragement card shows up mid-week, but its energy spans the entire week and is like a heartbeat that nurtures and nourishes us as we connect even more deeply with our divine purpose and path.

This week I used Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map Oracle Cards. I just got this deck and I LOVE IT! You will be seeing a lot of readings from this one!