Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading September 2-8, 2013: Let Go of the Past and Gain Power in the NOW

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We have been moving in cycles of growth spurts over the last few weeks and this continues as we move into a new one. As we grow and move onto our path, we are called to examine ourselves more closely and to heal that which needs to be healed. Because last week ushered in a quantum leap in expansion for many of us, we are now faced with examining yet another layer of healing. As we approach our new week, it behooves us to be aware that this week we may be dealing with Goblins. When we are wounded along our path and we separate from our wholeness, the “goblins” develop as that little (sometimes BIG) voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or loveable enough – anything to make you  believe that you are not worthy of the love and the goodness that this world has to offer you. The first step this week is to become aware that the voice in your head is NOT you.  We can heal it by understanding that the voice of the goblins is the voice of our shadow self and by recognizing that our true power comes from our connection to the Divine and our higher self, which is perfect and is love.


Our week is bridged by the Encouragement card, which sits at the heart of this week. This card encourages us to step into our power and to trust that we are supported always and in all ways. You are on your right path and you are a being of immense power. When the goblins begin to whisper in your ear, remember to reconnect with your essential self. We are all human and we will all make mistakes – it is a part of our experience here on Earth to do so. Know that within every mistake and every lesson is the seed to allow you to expand even more and to connect even more intimately with your personal power. Allow your light to shine on your shadows as you step into yet another cycle of power.


The week is topsy-turvy however. As we examine the shadow elements, we tend to cling to the events in the past that created them. We remember things that we thought we had forgotten and we wonder “What if?” or play around with “If only I had…” The past is a Ghostlands and we must recognize it for what is was and leave it behind. When you find yourself looking back with either nostalgia or resentment, remember to ground yourself back into the present. You cannot change the past and spending time there mentally is not only draining, it is counterproductive to creating the life you truly want to live. Life is happening NOW – come back to the present and be HERE. Return to the feeling of being divinely supported that bridges and extends out through the week. The Encouragement card shows up mid-week, but its energy spans the entire week and is like a heartbeat that nurtures and nourishes us as we connect even more deeply with our divine purpose and path.

This week I used Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map Oracle Cards. I just got this deck and I LOVE IT! You will be seeing a lot of readings from this one!


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