Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading September 16-22, 2013: Start Creating Your Field of Dreams!

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Last week we started the work of clearing out our clutter so that we could move on, and so we begin again. Out of 54 cards in this deck, the Cleaning House card showed up again at the beginning of the week. Last week, we were asked to begin to clear the clutter out of our physical house. This enabled us to start off on our path a little clearer than we were before and with more intention. This week, the card is asking us to clear out our emotional clutter from our hearts. View your body as your spirit’s home and begin the process of removing all from it that doesn’t belong. Is your heart still pining for someone? Are you harboring a resentment that needs to be released? Take the time now to sit down with pen and paper and explore some of these questions and do your best to get it all out. What needs to be forgiven and what needs to be released? Taking care of this now is going to enable you to move forward in the week along a path of joy.

Peaks of Joy

As we really release the debris from our emotional nooks and crannies, we are going to leap into the middle of the week full of joy. We have undergone a bit of a metamorphosis here, as represented by the butterfly, and we have finally freed ourselves from the constraints of guilt, shame, anger, and resentment. Because of this, we feel light and airy and even a little bit high as we experience Peaks of Joy. This is the time to revel in these emotions and to express gratitude for all that life is offering you. You will most likely experience a lot of synchronicity mid-week as your faith and trust allow you to soar in the emotions of limitless possibility.

Gentle Gardener

Fortunately, as we come back to Earth, we alight easily. It’s important as this happens to remain in the positive frame of mind and heart that you’ve been experiencing, and to understand that even as things come down, it is all a part of a natural cycle that is going to allow you to tend to your dreams. From the heights of the clouds we can revel in joy and possibility but it is difficult to nurture our dreams into life. The Gentle Gardener comes to us to remind you that steady and patient care of your dreams will yield magnificent results. This card is about co-creating within the field of limitless possibility and is a delightful follow-up to the freedom of expression that carries us into the weekend. Take some time now to ground yourself in positive emotions and remember that the Divine will bring to life ANY seed that we plant, so be conscious and aware of all that you are thinking and intending. Stay positive and clear about your intentions and allow Spirit to help you achieve your dreams.

This reading is from the gorgeous Enchanted Map deck created by Colette Baron-Reid.


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