Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: September 23-29, 2013 – You are Provided for in all Ways!

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This week comes to us with a strong message of TRUST and FAITH. If we are to be able to fully express ourselves in this lifetime and this body, we need to find peace and be able to relax into an assurance that all is well, despite what it may look like on the outside. In order to create the life of our dreams, we need to begin to know on a deep level that we are safe and provided for. Once we acknowledge this faith and allow it to settle all the way into our Spirits, we are able to begin consciously co-creating the life that we desire.


Buffalo ushers this message in at the start of the week. He wants us to know that there is abundance all around us and that in order to understand this and to know it on a truly deep level, we must begin by expressing gratitude for all that is around us. Once we begin to capture the essence of plenty we can begin to move away from the feelings of lack. What we focus on is what we create. Buffalo shows us that we have all forms of nourishment – emotional, physical, and spiritual – and that we only need to begin to focus on that in order to begin living it.


Buffalo brought us this message because we have been overly focused and stressed about what we don’t have. This stress may reach a peak mid-week. Dove reminds us that we must find peace and serenity in order to begin to manifest that which we desire. When we find ourselves caught up in the troubles and worries of our bills and our to-do lists, Dove nudges us to take a time-out. When you notice your wires crossing and your head spinning, STOP. This is the time that you need to pause and breathe. If meditation is a part of your practice (which Dove would encourage you to do), this is the time to connect with Spirit and ask that your anxiety lift and be replaced with faith. If it’s not, Dove encourages you to at least slow down and BREATHE. The simple act of checking in with your breath can completely shift your mindset from worry and lack back into faith and abundance. Following this time-out, reset yourself by doing a quick inventory of at least five things that you are grateful for and then step back into your day.


Once we’ve calmed down, we can begin to understand and BE in the solution. Raccoon comes to us to let us know that everything we need is right at hand. We may have to forage for it a little bit at first, but when armed with faith and peace, we can be open to the flow of resources that are around us at all times. Follow your intuition and check in with your hunches – they will lead you to where you need to be so that you may find yourself IN the solution and not just searching for it. Again, the message is to step away from worry and anxiety and TRUST that we have everything we need. Opening our eyes and our intuition to the fact naturally allows us to SEE what we weren’t able to perceive only a moment before.

For this reading I used Steven Farmer’s Power Animal Oracle Cards deck.


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