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Weekly Card Reading: September 30-October 6, 2013 – Accepting Help From Others Provides You With Exactly What You Need!

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Five of Earth

Last week we explored the need for trust and faith in our lives and Raccoon left us with the message that everything we need is available to us. This week we see with the Five of Earth card that part of recognizing and utilizing available resources is allowing ourselves to accept help from others. I am being told that we rely too much on figuring everything out for ourselves or forcing ourselves to find the solution when sometimes we would be able to lift ourselves out of any fix rather easily just by accepting the hand of another. For some of us this may be financial and for others it comes from allowing another to give us ideas or help in completing a task that needs to be done. Understanding that we can benefit from the knowledge and resources of another opens up an entirely new realm of possibility and allows us to step outside of the box that we’ve put ourselves in. There is wisdom in doing this, and a part of the lesson is that when we are able to receive with an open heart, we are also able to give with one.

Eight of Water

Releasing the fears of needing to do everything on our own and to “make it happen” will allow us to move out of this rut. The resources that Raccoon wanted us to see last week become apparent and a newly re-energized faith in the Divine provides us with a spiritual jump-start so to speak. We will begin to understand on a deeper level that connection with others creates a web of support and love that uplifts and upholds us all. As shown in the Eight of Water card, we are swimming to the surface, away from the empty cups. We have divined some new wisdom and allowed our intuition to guide us to a new understanding.

Ten of Water

This new insight brings near immediate results, which is shown by the Ten of Water card. Some of us may actually receive some sort of physical reward or remuneration at the end of the week, but for many of us the shift will be in our understanding that we really do have everything that we need at the moment. The paradox is that really grasping this and allowing the gratitude to flow is what is going to provide us with even more. What we accomplish at this week’s end, though, is the comfort and safety in knowing that we have many loving and supportive people in our lives and relationships that can and do help us to grow and evolve. When we surround ourselves with love and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others, we really do see that we are provided for always and in all ways.

For this week’s reading I used the Angel Tarot Cards created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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