Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: October 7 – October 13, 2013 – Stand Your Ground

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This week’s reading is all about standing firmly on the ground and claiming what is ours. We begin with the Authority card. This comes to us to let us know that we must start this week with an awareness of our masculine energies and the knowledge that connecting with that side of ourselves is what will help us to manifest and create at this moment in time. Over the last few weeks we have been guided to rest in the faith that we have all that we need to succeed. The Authority card (equated to the Emperor card in the traditional Tarot) shows us that it is now time to take the resources that we have at hand and put them to practical use. It is time to act as a leader and to put structure, form, and use to our ideas so that we may turn them into a reality. He also introduces the need to do so from a firmly planted and grounded position. We must be solid in our actions at this moment.


This grounding allows us to celebrate a victory while not losing our footing. We are making steady progress forward and it feels like we are experiencing many small successes that are gradually increasing in magnitude. As we become more and more grounded in the present moment, and as we continue to shed old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us, we can gain the confidence and wisdom that can truly propel us forward on our path. Sharing this with the world is an essential part of this process as it allows us to express a new found sense of empowerment in the world. Doing so enables us to continue to build upon our successes and our growth.


This is a time to use our strength and wisdom to increase our awareness of what is happening around us. It may be that there is someone around you that is not to be fully trusted or it may be that things are not what they appear. Stand firm in the masculine energy that you summoned up at the beginning of the week while also checking into your feminine intuition. Ask yourself what masks surround you and what needs to be viewed with clarity and discernment? Use your firm foundation to address these matters objectively and solidly and take appropriate action only after careful consideration of the facts.


We had a card pop out of the deck at the end of the reading. The base chakra card comes forth to really reinforce the idea that we need to remain grounded this week. Check your foundation and make sure that you move into this week sure-footed and strong, with plenty of resolve and clarity of mind. If you feel yourself wavering in confidence, take time to re-establish your footing. Spend time in nature or sit with your back up against a tree. Do a grounding meditation, wear a red shirt, and eat some beets – whatever it takes. The point is to stay present and aware. Things are picking up speed, and though it may seem a paradox, you need to be able to hang in there firmly in order to really take off!

This week I used the Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


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