Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: October 14-20, 2013 – Balance Your Life for Harmony and Clarity

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This week is a time for creating balance, paying attention to details, and trusting in the Divine. We start our week alongside a tightrope, as indicated by the Balancing Act card. Things have been feeling a little topsy-turvy for us and it’s time to evaluate what is working and what is not working in our lives so that we may restore equilibrium. If we feel that our ship is sailing on rough seas, it is time to allow peace and harmony to take over. Allow yourself some time to relax and to settle into serenity and calmness. When you are able to connect to this energy, anything is possible and you will hold the strings! There are hearts falling from the sky here, indicating that once we calm the waters, we will be able to allow love to enter into any problem areas and into our lives in general. When we live in balance, the sky is the limit!


Bringing harmony into our lives cuts down dramatically on the energy wasted in the turmoil and drama we may have been feeding into in our lives. Eliminating the people and activities that cause us to exist within chaos allows us to bring ourselves and our environment into focus. The magnifying glass in the Details, Details card illuminates the word “clarity.” We are finally able to bring that which has been eluding us into the light. Below we are shown the words “important notes.” These notes are the details that we have been missing. Before, they were hidden under a pile of books and clutter and rubbish that kept us at a safe distance from our true selves and our true desires. We have been clearing the clutter over the last month or so and as we delve into each layer of our emotional, mental, and physical bodies, we uncover another beautiful and integral aspect of ourselves.


This process can be difficult. At times uncovering the details can cause us to feel vulnerable, isolated, or alone. It may trigger episodes of fear. The Compass card comes to remind us to allow our faith in something greater than ourselves to assuage these hurtful feelings. We are now moving into uncharted territories: we set our ships to sail on a balanced and even keel at the beginning of the week, we allowed the details of our lives to emerge mid-week and come into focus, and now we are experiencing a myriad of emotions and sensations that are delicious and uplifting while also being new and frightening. Remember that as long as your compass is pointed to true North – the direction of your higher power – you are safe and supported. Spirit is working in your life and as long as you act and live in faith, you will never be lost. In fact, staying aligned with the Divine will allow you to receive the blessings that you have so carefully hidden yourself away from in the past!


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