Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: October 21-27, 2013 – Miracles Can and Do Happen!

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Last week we ended on a note of faith, and as we roll into this next one, we see the benefits of letting go and letting God. As we cleared and released (again!) that which no longer serves us, we created space for miracles to happen. With that in mind, this week begins with the potential for a miracle in the form of someone that can help us to transform our lives. The Magical Map Shifter card reminds us that Spirit arranges our destiny and that sometimes extraordinary people come into our lives to help us along our path of spiritual growth. Stay present to your life and be aware of the people that cross your path: When you are grounded and alert, you can notice the subtleties of energy around you. A special person is coming to help you to become all that you can be – allow the magic to take shape and unfold!


When it does happen, you will experience a leap in your growth and you will feel the freedom that comes with connecting with your true self even more deeply. We have been on an accelerated spiritual path over the last several months due to lots of clearing, releasing, and growing. It continues, and now that we have less weight and more joy in our lives, we are able to Ride the Wave of abundance. It’s like the teaching of Abraham-Hicks: When you get into the vortex, anything is possible and the limitless abundance of the Universe can flow to you. It’s important that you allow yourself to let go, though, and to just enjoy this feeling. If you begin to get caught up in worry or doubt about the possibilities, you will keep that which you want at bay. This card is the perfect follow-up to the Map Shifter card because it tells you that people and circumstances have shown up out of nowhere to help you along your path! When you couple that with the beautiful message of Dolphin – play so that you may experience deeper connection to Spirit – you’ve got a great recipe for the week.


The week winds up with the Details, Details card that we had last week. The meaning now is a little different though. Be aware that the information that you need lies in the details. This goes along with the message from the beginning of the week to be present in our bodies and our lives. Noticing the minutiae can allow us to open more greatly to Spirit and to the miracles that are all around us that we are only able to see when we are awake. Clarity and Intuition are working together to more closely guide us and to allow our higher selves to act in accordance with our hopes, dreams, and path. Keep your eyes open and enjoy the magic!


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