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Weekly Card Reading – November 25-December 1, 2013: Bringing Our Ideas to Life

Ace of Air

We’ve been overflowing with ideas and inspirations and now it’s time to get practical and grounded about where we’re heading. This week begins with the Ace of Air card. The Air Suit is that of the intellect and the Ace is the beginning of the journey. This is where we analyze, make decisions, and give voice to our thoughts. We’ve come up with the ideas and now it’s time to birth them through methodical and productive action. We are seen here with our wings unfurled but we are still on the branch. We have yet to take off but that is mostly because we haven’t allowed for our projects to transition from the realm of thought to the plane of existence. Now is the time to plan. Get out your paper and pen and allow the ideas to flow through you. This will provide you with any insight that you need into the potential challenges and obstacles that you may face as you begin this journey so that you may deal with them appropriately.


As we start this process of bringing our ideas into reality, we are asked to make sure that we do so in a way that is beneficial and fair to everyone involved. The Justice card marks our mid-week by reminding us that our projects will take flight more quickly if they are fair, just, and balanced. You may also need to stand up for you beliefs, and it feels like some of you may have to deal with some nay-sayers with respect to your projects. Hold to your truth and cut through that which does not serve you to take on. The archangel represented here, Raguel, helps to create harmony in situations and relationships; call on him to help you to deal with any problems in this area.

King of Fire

The week’s end is heralded by the arrival of the King of Fire. The Suit of Fire is where we bring our ideas to life through the creative process, and this card comes to remind us to “Focus, focus, focus!” so that we can allow for that growth to happen. We are in the midst of creating something really good and we need to not allow ourselves distractions. The king energy shows us that it is time to communicate and lead so that our projects may truly take off and manifest. Notice that we started the week grounded with our wings spread. We then hovered mid-week, and now we are soaring into the weekend on the back of a dragon. Wow! This is what action steps can do for us once we begin to move from idea to creation. This is also the time to be open to advice from someone creative that may be able to offer you some sage support while you progress. If you find that you’re struggling with a setback or a dilemma, be sure to seek out the support of someone that may be able to see things from a different perspective.


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Weekly Card Reading: November 18-24, 2013 – From Desert to Garden we Continue to Create!

Dry Desert

We begin this week with what seems like a challenge but is really a blessing. We have been bringing ideas to life and working closely with Spirit to co-create and possibilities and inspiration have been opening for us like crazy. As we go through this process, what can happen is that our vibrational alignment shifts and at times that can leave us feeling like a stranger in our own home. This may cause us to feel like we are traveling through a Dry Desert. It’s possible that we feel parched and as though our ideas and possibilities have dried up, but the reality is that life is offering us an opportunity for growth and advancement. This card comes to tell us to dig deep within to find the resources and adaptability needed to get moving again. There are storm clouds overhead, and it is important to remember that although the storm may be violent and disturbing, the aftermath of it is peace and growth. Search within and ask the Divine what it is that you need to see in this situation or relationship. What is the gift that you’ve been given? How can you use this gift to adapt and grow?


Connecting to our higher selves and Spirit never disappoints! As we become empowered by our resiliency and re-connect to the possibility provided to us by the Divine, we are once again given the Spark of inspiration that connects us to our power of creation. This spark comes to us through love and metamorphosis, as shown by the hearts and the butterfly. We allowed that which seemed daunting and scary and uncomfortable to be transformed into healing and light. We are creating the music that is the reflection of the vibration of our soul path and we’ve come back from a challenge more in our power than even before. There will always be moments of opportunity for growth; acknowledging them and using them as tools for empowerment will allow us to step fully into ourselves and onto our path.

Gentle Gardener

We end the week with the Gentle Gardener card. Wow! This is the third time we’ve seen this card in the past month or so and now two weeks in a row. Spirit continues to nudge us back to where we need to be. We are co-creators, and we need not forget it! We’ve created new seeds through sparks this week and it is time to plant them. The persistence of this card shows us that for every new obstacle turned inspiration, it is up to us to re-connect with the field of possibility to re-landscape our garden. We change continually and our desires change with us. We expand and learn on a daily basis and the act of co-creation asks us to be constantly aware of that and to work actively and attentively with it. The Divine is always with us, like a gentle mother she watches over us and helps us bring our passions and loves to life.

This reading is from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map oracle cards.

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Weekly Card Reading: November 11-16, 2013 – Building your Field of Dreams

We’ve been getting a lot of cards around planting the seeds of our dreams and bringing them to life over the last several weeks, and we continue that as we move into this week. This reading is really lovely – a gentle reminder that we must continue to tend to our visions so that we may bring them to life and that to do so, we must be in a continuing dialogue with Spirit, especially by checking in with our intuition and allowing it to guide us.

Gentle Gardener

We open the week with the Gentle Gardener card. This card often refers to actually planting the seeds of our dreams, but this week it has to do more with nurturing them. It’s great to clarify our vision and to send the vibration out into the field of possibility, but we need to remember not to neglect it once we’ve done so. Take time on Monday and Tuesday to put some action steps into the cultivation of your dreams. Ask yourself what your next steps are and then actually undertake the task of executing them. Fear may try to jump in your way, and if so, give him a loving push to the side. He has been manifesting as weeds in your garden for far too long now and it is time to acknowledge him and then dig him up and let him go.

This card is also about being very conscious of the thoughts that you are putting out into the field of possibility. It hears everything and answers accordingly. Be vigilant with respect to keeping your thoughts positive and when fear and worry do creep in, accept them and then release them. Remember that you are in constant co-creation with Spirit and you are never not bringing your thoughts and actions into life. You may be able to fool yourself and others, but you cannot fool the Divine!


The card for the middle of the week is the Intention card. This is the perfect follow-up to the Gentle Gardener. Here we are shown that when we send clear and inspired intentions out into the field of possibility, we yield magnificent results. Our aim is on point and we are hitting our mark. The owl here is poised with a dandelion, allowing for his wish to take flight. It is time for you to do the same. The visions and dreams that we are growing and shooting into the field and our ability to co-create are becoming more and more effective. Both of the cards so far feature eggs. These eggs are the very life that we are about to birth. Know that you are watched over and cared for and that your dreams are growing in the womb of Spirit. The number 2, which is on both of these cards, is a reminder to keep the faith and trust that your prayers are being answered. And don’t forget to continue to take your action steps!


The week’s end ushers in the Listening card. Spirit has been reminding us over and over again to stay connected and to tap into our intuition. This card is yet another suggestion that we open our hearts to divine guidance. Prayer is only half of the conversation; we must also listen. This card shows you that you will be able to understand your queries and that the answer is very close. Take the time to slow down. If meditation is a part of your practice, dedicate a little extra time to it and be sure to have your mind quieted. Leisurely and silent walks can also help you to connect to the guidance you need. Listen to the sounds of nature and try to stay grounded in the present. Know that messages come in many packages if we are open to witnessing them. Look around you and notice everything – Spirit speaks to us in many ways and listening can actually be accomplished by seeing what nature is showing you.

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Weekly Card Reading: November 4-10, 2013: The Pot of Gold!

I am in love with this week’s reading! We have been working so hard and now we are seeing the fruits of our labors pay off as we manifest love and prosperity into our lives. As we do this, we open up to a deeper connection to the Divine, knowing – truly – that we are are a part of the One and that as such it is our right to live life fully and completely, welcoming in the joy and abundance that Spirit desires for us.

Love Begins

We begin the week opening up to love! This can be any type of love affair, so for some of you it will mean attracting in a new love interest, while for others it will be a sense of passion for new ideas or projects. Whichever is the case, there is joy and harmony in the process. Our cup is overflowing and so we allow for the waters to join with those of the river so that we may fully engage in the flow of life – we are connecting with Spirit in a more complete way now. This is a great time to focus on gratitude and maintaining our state of being in a higher vibration as doing so will serve to bring us even more prosperity.

Foundation & Achievements

Our dreams are taking shape. The seeds that we’ve been planting over the last few months are beginning to materialize. In part this has to do with the fact that we are feeling more connected to the Divine and the flow of life, and in part it is because we have been healthfully mixing faith with action. The fact that the Foundation & Achievements card follows the Love Begins card is further confirmation that connecting on a deeper level with our creativity, passion, and joy are allowing us to manifest our dreams. This house is on a very solid foundation and we are surrounded by loved ones.

Of note is that the first two cards in the spread both have rainbows crossing through them (Double Rainbow!). Traditionally, rainbows have been seen as a sign of luck, but there is more than good fortune at work here. We have been setting firm intentions and have remained faithful to our dreams and goals. We are now beginning to reap what we have sowed; we are very close to the pot of gold! Know that you are taken care of in all ways and that the rainbows are a sign of prosperity and expansion for you. In addition, the rainbows demonstrate a connection to the Divine through spiritual cohesion and unity. All of the colors of the energy body are represented and we are figuratively skating along on the celestial bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Crown Chakra

This leads us nicely into the final card: The Crown Chakra. We close with this card as a reminder to connect with your version of your Higher Power in order to remain in a state of union, gratitude, and joy. It is a perfect follow up to the rainbows and is also a reminder to remain in faith. The verb associated with this energy center – the very one that connects us to the Absolute One – is “I know.” This sense of knowing is one that transcends earthly limitations; it is the unshakable knowledge that we are at one with the Infinite and that all of our needs are being met if only we will just allow them. The transcendence associated with this chakra is one that very few humans have attained, but if we can even hang out in this space for a part of our time, we will be able to grow in immense ways. The appearance of this card asks us to up our spiritual game. Be sure to meditate daily and to spend time communing with Spirit in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.