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Weekly Card Reading: November 4-10, 2013: The Pot of Gold!

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I am in love with this week’s reading! We have been working so hard and now we are seeing the fruits of our labors pay off as we manifest love and prosperity into our lives. As we do this, we open up to a deeper connection to the Divine, knowing – truly – that we are are a part of the One and that as such it is our right to live life fully and completely, welcoming in the joy and abundance that Spirit desires for us.

Love Begins

We begin the week opening up to love! This can be any type of love affair, so for some of you it will mean attracting in a new love interest, while for others it will be a sense of passion for new ideas or projects. Whichever is the case, there is joy and harmony in the process. Our cup is overflowing and so we allow for the waters to join with those of the river so that we may fully engage in the flow of life – we are connecting with Spirit in a more complete way now. This is a great time to focus on gratitude and maintaining our state of being in a higher vibration as doing so will serve to bring us even more prosperity.

Foundation & Achievements

Our dreams are taking shape. The seeds that we’ve been planting over the last few months are beginning to materialize. In part this has to do with the fact that we are feeling more connected to the Divine and the flow of life, and in part it is because we have been healthfully mixing faith with action. The fact that the Foundation & Achievements card follows the Love Begins card is further confirmation that connecting on a deeper level with our creativity, passion, and joy are allowing us to manifest our dreams. This house is on a very solid foundation and we are surrounded by loved ones.

Of note is that the first two cards in the spread both have rainbows crossing through them (Double Rainbow!). Traditionally, rainbows have been seen as a sign of luck, but there is more than good fortune at work here. We have been setting firm intentions and have remained faithful to our dreams and goals. We are now beginning to reap what we have sowed; we are very close to the pot of gold! Know that you are taken care of in all ways and that the rainbows are a sign of prosperity and expansion for you. In addition, the rainbows demonstrate a connection to the Divine through spiritual cohesion and unity. All of the colors of the energy body are represented and we are figuratively skating along on the celestial bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Crown Chakra

This leads us nicely into the final card: The Crown Chakra. We close with this card as a reminder to connect with your version of your Higher Power in order to remain in a state of union, gratitude, and joy. It is a perfect follow up to the rainbows and is also a reminder to remain in faith. The verb associated with this energy center – the very one that connects us to the Absolute One – is “I know.” This sense of knowing is one that transcends earthly limitations; it is the unshakable knowledge that we are at one with the Infinite and that all of our needs are being met if only we will just allow them. The transcendence associated with this chakra is one that very few humans have attained, but if we can even hang out in this space for a part of our time, we will be able to grow in immense ways. The appearance of this card asks us to up our spiritual game. Be sure to meditate daily and to spend time communing with Spirit in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


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