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Weekly Card Reading: November 11-16, 2013 – Building your Field of Dreams

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We’ve been getting a lot of cards around planting the seeds of our dreams and bringing them to life over the last several weeks, and we continue that as we move into this week. This reading is really lovely – a gentle reminder that we must continue to tend to our visions so that we may bring them to life and that to do so, we must be in a continuing dialogue with Spirit, especially by checking in with our intuition and allowing it to guide us.

Gentle Gardener

We open the week with the Gentle Gardener card. This card often refers to actually planting the seeds of our dreams, but this week it has to do more with nurturing them. It’s great to clarify our vision and to send the vibration out into the field of possibility, but we need to remember not to neglect it once we’ve done so. Take time on Monday and Tuesday to put some action steps into the cultivation of your dreams. Ask yourself what your next steps are and then actually undertake the task of executing them. Fear may try to jump in your way, and if so, give him a loving push to the side. He has been manifesting as weeds in your garden for far too long now and it is time to acknowledge him and then dig him up and let him go.

This card is also about being very conscious of the thoughts that you are putting out into the field of possibility. It hears everything and answers accordingly. Be vigilant with respect to keeping your thoughts positive and when fear and worry do creep in, accept them and then release them. Remember that you are in constant co-creation with Spirit and you are never not bringing your thoughts and actions into life. You may be able to fool yourself and others, but you cannot fool the Divine!


The card for the middle of the week is the Intention card. This is the perfect follow-up to the Gentle Gardener. Here we are shown that when we send clear and inspired intentions out into the field of possibility, we yield magnificent results. Our aim is on point and we are hitting our mark. The owl here is poised with a dandelion, allowing for his wish to take flight. It is time for you to do the same. The visions and dreams that we are growing and shooting into the field and our ability to co-create are becoming more and more effective. Both of the cards so far feature eggs. These eggs are the very life that we are about to birth. Know that you are watched over and cared for and that your dreams are growing in the womb of Spirit. The number 2, which is on both of these cards, is a reminder to keep the faith and trust that your prayers are being answered. And don’t forget to continue to take your action steps!


The week’s end ushers in the Listening card. Spirit has been reminding us over and over again to stay connected and to tap into our intuition. This card is yet another suggestion that we open our hearts to divine guidance. Prayer is only half of the conversation; we must also listen. This card shows you that you will be able to understand your queries and that the answer is very close. Take the time to slow down. If meditation is a part of your practice, dedicate a little extra time to it and be sure to have your mind quieted. Leisurely and silent walks can also help you to connect to the guidance you need. Listen to the sounds of nature and try to stay grounded in the present. Know that messages come in many packages if we are open to witnessing them. Look around you and notice everything – Spirit speaks to us in many ways and listening can actually be accomplished by seeing what nature is showing you.


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