Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: November 18-24, 2013 – From Desert to Garden we Continue to Create!

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Dry Desert

We begin this week with what seems like a challenge but is really a blessing. We have been bringing ideas to life and working closely with Spirit to co-create and possibilities and inspiration have been opening for us like crazy. As we go through this process, what can happen is that our vibrational alignment shifts and at times that can leave us feeling like a stranger in our own home. This may cause us to feel like we are traveling through a Dry Desert. It’s possible that we feel parched and as though our ideas and possibilities have dried up, but the reality is that life is offering us an opportunity for growth and advancement. This card comes to tell us to dig deep within to find the resources and adaptability needed to get moving again. There are storm clouds overhead, and it is important to remember that although the storm may be violent and disturbing, the aftermath of it is peace and growth. Search within and ask the Divine what it is that you need to see in this situation or relationship. What is the gift that you’ve been given? How can you use this gift to adapt and grow?


Connecting to our higher selves and Spirit never disappoints! As we become empowered by our resiliency and re-connect to the possibility provided to us by the Divine, we are once again given the Spark of inspiration that connects us to our power of creation. This spark comes to us through love and metamorphosis, as shown by the hearts and the butterfly. We allowed that which seemed daunting and scary and uncomfortable to be transformed into healing and light. We are creating the music that is the reflection of the vibration of our soul path and we’ve come back from a challenge more in our power than even before. There will always be moments of opportunity for growth; acknowledging them and using them as tools for empowerment will allow us to step fully into ourselves and onto our path.

Gentle Gardener

We end the week with the Gentle Gardener card. Wow! This is the third time we’ve seen this card in the past month or so and now two weeks in a row. Spirit continues to nudge us back to where we need to be. We are co-creators, and we need not forget it! We’ve created new seeds through sparks this week and it is time to plant them. The persistence of this card shows us that for every new obstacle turned inspiration, it is up to us to re-connect with the field of possibility to re-landscape our garden. We change continually and our desires change with us. We expand and learn on a daily basis and the act of co-creation asks us to be constantly aware of that and to work actively and attentively with it. The Divine is always with us, like a gentle mother she watches over us and helps us bring our passions and loves to life.

This reading is from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map oracle cards.


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