Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading – November 25-December 1, 2013: Bringing Our Ideas to Life

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Ace of Air

We’ve been overflowing with ideas and inspirations and now it’s time to get practical and grounded about where we’re heading. This week begins with the Ace of Air card. The Air Suit is that of the intellect and the Ace is the beginning of the journey. This is where we analyze, make decisions, and give voice to our thoughts. We’ve come up with the ideas and now it’s time to birth them through methodical and productive action. We are seen here with our wings unfurled but we are still on the branch. We have yet to take off but that is mostly because we haven’t allowed for our projects to transition from the realm of thought to the plane of existence. Now is the time to plan. Get out your paper and pen and allow the ideas to flow through you. This will provide you with any insight that you need into the potential challenges and obstacles that you may face as you begin this journey so that you may deal with them appropriately.


As we start this process of bringing our ideas into reality, we are asked to make sure that we do so in a way that is beneficial and fair to everyone involved. The Justice card marks our mid-week by reminding us that our projects will take flight more quickly if they are fair, just, and balanced. You may also need to stand up for you beliefs, and it feels like some of you may have to deal with some nay-sayers with respect to your projects. Hold to your truth and cut through that which does not serve you to take on. The archangel represented here, Raguel, helps to create harmony in situations and relationships; call on him to help you to deal with any problems in this area.

King of Fire

The week’s end is heralded by the arrival of the King of Fire. The Suit of Fire is where we bring our ideas to life through the creative process, and this card comes to remind us to “Focus, focus, focus!” so that we can allow for that growth to happen. We are in the midst of creating something really good and we need to not allow ourselves distractions. The king energy shows us that it is time to communicate and lead so that our projects may truly take off and manifest. Notice that we started the week grounded with our wings spread. We then hovered mid-week, and now we are soaring into the weekend on the back of a dragon. Wow! This is what action steps can do for us once we begin to move from idea to creation. This is also the time to be open to advice from someone creative that may be able to offer you some sage support while you progress. If you find that you’re struggling with a setback or a dilemma, be sure to seek out the support of someone that may be able to see things from a different perspective.


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