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Weekly Card Reading: December 30, 2013-January 5, 2014 – Out with the Old and in with the New!


Things have been crazy! The energy of the last month has had many of us reeling and feeling uncertain of ourselves and the direction that we are heading. This end of the year shake-up, which also coincides with the wrapping up of the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar (ending in late January), has come to help us shed all that no longer serves us. We have been doing this for the last few months and it has really accelerated in the last few weeks. Spirit is giving us what seem like jarring opportunities and lessons so that we can enter 2014 with clear intentions for our highest good. It is no surprise then that the reading for this week of transition begins with the Compass card. This card reminds us that no matter how disoriented or confused we feel, as long as we maintain a conscious contact with the Divine, we will remain on course. We are entering into a period of new experiences and adventures and the compass allows us to do so feeling supported and loved. No matter how dark the night, if we stay aligned with our higher self and Spirit, we will never be lost.

Coming Apart

This is a powerful reminder for us as we move into mid-week and the New Year. As we move into 2014, we are being asked to leave behind those relationships that no longer serve us. This is a tough one. What Spirit is asking us to do with the Coming Apart card is to honor our own path – the one that allows us to feel fulfilled on the highest level and that provides us with the most opportunity for growth. This card is coming to us to ask us to look at the relationships in our lives that no longer uplift us. When we stay with a relationship out of fear or obligation, we cheat ourselves and the other person out of the opportunity to fully express our highest selves. It is time to release these relationships gently and with love so that each individual may flourish.


The end of the week is all about Education. As you set your intentions for the New Year, ask yourself what it is that you’ve been holding back on. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking cooking classes or learning a foreign language.  Maybe you want to take up roller skating. Whatever vision it is that you’ve had tucked away, now is the time to take it out. Start this year by honoring your desires. Another meaning of this card, and one that is important as we release the old to bring in the new, is that of being teachable. Allow yourself to be open-minded and know that there are opportunities for learning and growth all around us. Even as we release ourselves from relationships and situations that no longer serve us, we can empower ourselves by being present to the experience and learning through it each step of the way. The crane is with us in this endeavor to provide focus and balance to stay on course.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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Weekly Card Reading: December 23-29, 2013 – You Have Everything You Need!

Dry Desert

This is a week for adaptability and counting our blessings! We are alerted to change coming at the beginning of the week with the Dry Desert card. With the winter solstice just behind us and the end of the year drawing near, we are shedding the last of all that we no longer wish to carry with us into 2014. The last several weeks have seen us sloughing off energetic debris and healing, and as we grow into our new sense of selves, we are reminded that we must be adaptable. The Dry Desert shows us that we need to dig deep for inspiration and truth, and as we look at our evolving selves, it is a call to connect with the essence of who we truly want to be. In the desert, water – the source of all life – can be found deep underground. This is where we connect with our true source. Take this week to go far within so that you may call to the surface all that which you desire to heal before you move into the new year. Remember that the promise of the oasis is yours if you are able to be resilient in these tougher times.

Protecting Treasure

The Protecting Treasure card is beautiful support for the Dry Desert card as we move into mid-week. Here we see that we although appearances would have us believe that we are in a time of deprivation, we actually do have all that we need and that as we do the work, we are honored and supported. Not only did we reach the oasis, but we are experiencing copious amounts of rainfall and we have the promise of the rainbow behind us. Although we are in a time of vulnerability and perceived risk, this card reminds us that we really have all that we need. We have divine support, always, and the proverbial nest egg is right underneath us. This card is also a call to nurture those ties that do support us. This card beautifully expresses the Christmas spirit. Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, take the time to connect with the pure energy of giving and sharing that it can evoke. Divine support is a given if we are open to it and willing to call upon it, but our earthly support system needs attention and care. It is essential that we cultivate the relationships that can help us through dryer, and wetter, times.

Golden Palace

We finish the week with the Golden Palace. This is a card of abundance and prosperity in all things. Though it does denote the acquisition of material goods, in this reading it has significance in that it shows us that emotional fulfillment is not only possible, but probable. Our self-esteem is so much more than what we can measure through our monetary value; it is a product of our truth and our integrity. If the home is a metaphor for our body, living within the Golden Palace is a way of honoring ourselves for the beauty and treasure that we are. It’s been a week of accelerated growth and we can look at ourselves through new lenses. Step into living your life authentically and sharing your love and light with those around you and your metaphorical palace will be filled with treasure of all sorts.

The cards this week can be read in a linear manner, though it’s also important to remember that the emotions and the self-expression found in them can span the entire week. When the road seems tough and you’re having trouble connecting with inspiration, remind yourself that the treasure and abundance that you deserve are always within you.

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Weekly Card Reading: December 16-22, 2013 – Enjoy a Productive and Creative Week!

It’s time to get busy! We are in a period of high productivity and creativity and it would be advantageous for us to use this momentum to get even closer to our goals.

Four of Earth

We start the week with the Four of Earth. This card beckons us to find balance in our financial matters. As we create more abundance for ourselves, it is important that we take the time to cultivate a healthy relationship with money. Do you overspend or under spend? Are you compulsive or do you deprive yourself of that which you need? Neither end of the spectrum brings peace or health to our lives. As we prepare to move into a new year, take the time now to really dig into your financial situation so that you can harmonize it. In addition, this card is about sharing what you have with others. Regardless of what your finances look like, there is always someone less fortunate than you. Giving to another of your money or time can cultivate a sense of gratitude for what you do have. It’s a win-win: the recipient of your efforts gains, as do you, for gratitude activates the Law of Attraction and the more time you spend in that vibration, the more abundance you will experience.

Three of Earth

We move into mid-week with the Three of Earth. Wednesday and Thursday are highly creative and productive days for us. This is a time to connect with your higher self so that you can channel your gifts into manifested form. The butterfly here shows us that our creative energies have transformative powers; use them to express your divinity through the creative process. Getting into the zone in this manner can spark insights that can lead to major changes. Being present with yourself and sitting with a high level of consciousness in all matters allows you to fully express your gifts in a way that can lead to huge shifts with respect to your life path and the level of prosperity that you experience.

The Emperor

With the work week in the Earth suit, we are experiencing ourselves in the material and physical realm on a very satisfying level. We feel grounded and even the time spent channeling our creative energies is experienced fully in our body and connected to the Earth plane. This time of centeredness and groundedness is perfect for organizing ourselves and this self-discipline will help us in both our financial and creative matters. The Emperor card comes to us to help us tie up loose ends at the end of the week, but keep the energies of it in mind throughout the entire week. How can you improve the organization of your money? How can you bring structure and unity to your creative endeavors? How can you be a leader in your own life? Archangel Michael helps us along our life path in a very loving and protective way. He can also clear away any emotional debris that is keeping us from fully expressing ourselves in our life. Call upon him to help you find the structure that you need to move powerfully and intentionally forward along your path.

This week’s reading is from the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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Weekly Reading: December 9-15, 2013 – Sex, Healing, and Transformation – Oh My!

What a powerful week we have ahead of us! This is a week of transformation for us as we step more fully into our power and face our fears.

The Queen

We begin the week with The Queen. This is a time to celebrate beauty and all that which is feminine. Check in with yourself to see what you need. Perhaps you need some time with your girlfriends. If this is the case, be sure that your gathering is empowering and steer clear of gossip. It may be that you want to celebrate your feminine sexual energies – now is the time! Express them in a way that uplifts both you and your partner and that makes you glow afterwards. The beginning of the week will also be a fertile time. If you are hoping to get pregnant, this is a great time to practice. The fertility extends as well to all creative endeavors, so break out the camera, paint brush, or the knitting needles – engage in whatever creative activity feeds you. If you are a man, you can benefit from these energies as well. Enjoy the wisdom of the women around you and notice that you are also benefitting from this period of fertility.


Part of the wisdom of the beginning of the week is that we need to bolster ourselves with the support of those that we love and trust because as we enter mid-week we are going to be facing some of our Fear.  Don’t despair: Fear has a great transformative power and this week is all about transformation! When you notice the fear arise, sit with it. What is it telling you? Are you afraid of success or are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of being vulnerable or is it that you are afraid of letting go? Fear has something important to tell us, and once we can connect in to it, we can acknowledge it and release it. This powerful emotion is that part of our ego that tells us that we are separate and alone. Remember that you are a part of the Divine and that you are always supported. Take a little time to write your fears down so that you can take a good look at them. Choose one to start working with. As you move through each one, you empower yourself beyond measure.

The Serpent

As we acknowledge our fear, an amazing thing happens: We heal. The Serpent comes to us for the weekend to help us shed and move forward. With the knowledge that comes from our courageous look at fear, we are able to open ourselves up to our own curative powers. Serpent energy brings us great power for a rebirthing, for as we slough off the layers that no longer serve us, we are able to step into a more powerful and expressive version of ourselves. It’s worth noting as well that the Snake energy also awakens our sexuality. Allow yourself to feel empowered through sharing your sexuality and if there is healing to be done around it, now is the time to start looking at that.

This week’s reading is from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards.

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Weekly Card Reading: December 2-8, 2013 – Protection, Planning, and Maybe Even Love!

Things are happening fast this week! We have a lot of powerful energy for quick decision making and for seemingly spontaneous action as well as the paternal energy of the Emperor watching over us as we get down to business.

Knight of Earth

We begin the week with the Knight of Earth card. The knights, of which we have two this week, signify that things will be happening quickly. For us, we’ve been working a lot on projects and forward movement and we may feel like we are almost done but this is not the case! Even if you are finishing up with one aspect, it’s time to move onto the next. Use the momentum that you’ve been building up to keep propelling you forward.

The Emperor

The Knight of Earth card may also signify the arrival of someone that can be perceived as a guardian angel. If you feel that you could use some of this protective and/or supportive energy this week, don’t hesitate to call in your own. In addition, know that you have the energy of Archangel Michael watching over you right now. This Emperor card popped out of the deck, signifying that it wanted to be shown in addition to the other cards. You are very protected right now; allow this paternal energy to calm and guide you as you progress. Be aware as well that this guardian angel can also show up as a person, so keep your eyes and heart open for offers of help or guidance from those around you.

Three of Fire

Mid-week we have the Three of Fire card. I love this card! This is a time of abundance for you. Allow the fire energy to continue the flow of creation of your work. Things look very good right now and you are heading in the right direction. As your projects advance, take this time to make your long-term plans. We’ve been receiving this same guidance in a variety of ways over the last several weeks, so the angels want to be sure that you actually follow through with it. It’s time to put your visions and goals down on a piece of paper. This provides direction and flow for your action steps. Another meaning of the Emperor card that jumped out is that of the need to get organized and to use structure and discipline to get your life and projects in order. Utilize this energy to help you along in this planning process.

Knight of Water

The week closes with the Knight of Water card. There are a variety of possible meanings to this card. The first is that you may have a love-at-first-sight experience. As noted above, the Knight energy is quick and powerful, and the Water suit is the realm of relationships and emotions. If you don’t meet that someone special (and I will say that the possibilities are high for some of you this week because the Knight of Earth often comes through in readings as an indication that your “knight in shining armor” is about to arrive) or you already have that person in your life, it could unexpectedly move to the next level with a proposal or some other spontaneous act of love. For others, this is a time to bring your emotions into balance, so if you are feeling moody or you notice quick flashes of temper, check in with yourself and ask how you can find some relief. Try meditation or walking to help discharge any difficult emotions and remember to give yourself a break. Sometimes the ebbs and flows of life are necessary to help us get to where we are heading, so hop on your dolphin, ride the waves and allow some joy to flow to you!

This week’s reading is from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.