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Weekly Card Reading: December 2-8, 2013 – Protection, Planning, and Maybe Even Love!

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Things are happening fast this week! We have a lot of powerful energy for quick decision making and for seemingly spontaneous action as well as the paternal energy of the Emperor watching over us as we get down to business.

Knight of Earth

We begin the week with the Knight of Earth card. The knights, of which we have two this week, signify that things will be happening quickly. For us, we’ve been working a lot on projects and forward movement and we may feel like we are almost done but this is not the case! Even if you are finishing up with one aspect, it’s time to move onto the next. Use the momentum that you’ve been building up to keep propelling you forward.

The Emperor

The Knight of Earth card may also signify the arrival of someone that can be perceived as a guardian angel. If you feel that you could use some of this protective and/or supportive energy this week, don’t hesitate to call in your own. In addition, know that you have the energy of Archangel Michael watching over you right now. This Emperor card popped out of the deck, signifying that it wanted to be shown in addition to the other cards. You are very protected right now; allow this paternal energy to calm and guide you as you progress. Be aware as well that this guardian angel can also show up as a person, so keep your eyes and heart open for offers of help or guidance from those around you.

Three of Fire

Mid-week we have the Three of Fire card. I love this card! This is a time of abundance for you. Allow the fire energy to continue the flow of creation of your work. Things look very good right now and you are heading in the right direction. As your projects advance, take this time to make your long-term plans. We’ve been receiving this same guidance in a variety of ways over the last several weeks, so the angels want to be sure that you actually follow through with it. It’s time to put your visions and goals down on a piece of paper. This provides direction and flow for your action steps. Another meaning of the Emperor card that jumped out is that of the need to get organized and to use structure and discipline to get your life and projects in order. Utilize this energy to help you along in this planning process.

Knight of Water

The week closes with the Knight of Water card. There are a variety of possible meanings to this card. The first is that you may have a love-at-first-sight experience. As noted above, the Knight energy is quick and powerful, and the Water suit is the realm of relationships and emotions. If you don’t meet that someone special (and I will say that the possibilities are high for some of you this week because the Knight of Earth often comes through in readings as an indication that your “knight in shining armor” is about to arrive) or you already have that person in your life, it could unexpectedly move to the next level with a proposal or some other spontaneous act of love. For others, this is a time to bring your emotions into balance, so if you are feeling moody or you notice quick flashes of temper, check in with yourself and ask how you can find some relief. Try meditation or walking to help discharge any difficult emotions and remember to give yourself a break. Sometimes the ebbs and flows of life are necessary to help us get to where we are heading, so hop on your dolphin, ride the waves and allow some joy to flow to you!

This week’s reading is from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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