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Weekly Reading: December 9-15, 2013 – Sex, Healing, and Transformation – Oh My!

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What a powerful week we have ahead of us! This is a week of transformation for us as we step more fully into our power and face our fears.

The Queen

We begin the week with The Queen. This is a time to celebrate beauty and all that which is feminine. Check in with yourself to see what you need. Perhaps you need some time with your girlfriends. If this is the case, be sure that your gathering is empowering and steer clear of gossip. It may be that you want to celebrate your feminine sexual energies – now is the time! Express them in a way that uplifts both you and your partner and that makes you glow afterwards. The beginning of the week will also be a fertile time. If you are hoping to get pregnant, this is a great time to practice. The fertility extends as well to all creative endeavors, so break out the camera, paint brush, or the knitting needles – engage in whatever creative activity feeds you. If you are a man, you can benefit from these energies as well. Enjoy the wisdom of the women around you and notice that you are also benefitting from this period of fertility.


Part of the wisdom of the beginning of the week is that we need to bolster ourselves with the support of those that we love and trust because as we enter mid-week we are going to be facing some of our Fear.  Don’t despair: Fear has a great transformative power and this week is all about transformation! When you notice the fear arise, sit with it. What is it telling you? Are you afraid of success or are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of being vulnerable or is it that you are afraid of letting go? Fear has something important to tell us, and once we can connect in to it, we can acknowledge it and release it. This powerful emotion is that part of our ego that tells us that we are separate and alone. Remember that you are a part of the Divine and that you are always supported. Take a little time to write your fears down so that you can take a good look at them. Choose one to start working with. As you move through each one, you empower yourself beyond measure.

The Serpent

As we acknowledge our fear, an amazing thing happens: We heal. The Serpent comes to us for the weekend to help us shed and move forward. With the knowledge that comes from our courageous look at fear, we are able to open ourselves up to our own curative powers. Serpent energy brings us great power for a rebirthing, for as we slough off the layers that no longer serve us, we are able to step into a more powerful and expressive version of ourselves. It’s worth noting as well that the Snake energy also awakens our sexuality. Allow yourself to feel empowered through sharing your sexuality and if there is healing to be done around it, now is the time to start looking at that.

This week’s reading is from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards.


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