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Weekly Card Reading: December 16-22, 2013 – Enjoy a Productive and Creative Week!

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It’s time to get busy! We are in a period of high productivity and creativity and it would be advantageous for us to use this momentum to get even closer to our goals.

Four of Earth

We start the week with the Four of Earth. This card beckons us to find balance in our financial matters. As we create more abundance for ourselves, it is important that we take the time to cultivate a healthy relationship with money. Do you overspend or under spend? Are you compulsive or do you deprive yourself of that which you need? Neither end of the spectrum brings peace or health to our lives. As we prepare to move into a new year, take the time now to really dig into your financial situation so that you can harmonize it. In addition, this card is about sharing what you have with others. Regardless of what your finances look like, there is always someone less fortunate than you. Giving to another of your money or time can cultivate a sense of gratitude for what you do have. It’s a win-win: the recipient of your efforts gains, as do you, for gratitude activates the Law of Attraction and the more time you spend in that vibration, the more abundance you will experience.

Three of Earth

We move into mid-week with the Three of Earth. Wednesday and Thursday are highly creative and productive days for us. This is a time to connect with your higher self so that you can channel your gifts into manifested form. The butterfly here shows us that our creative energies have transformative powers; use them to express your divinity through the creative process. Getting into the zone in this manner can spark insights that can lead to major changes. Being present with yourself and sitting with a high level of consciousness in all matters allows you to fully express your gifts in a way that can lead to huge shifts with respect to your life path and the level of prosperity that you experience.

The Emperor

With the work week in the Earth suit, we are experiencing ourselves in the material and physical realm on a very satisfying level. We feel grounded and even the time spent channeling our creative energies is experienced fully in our body and connected to the Earth plane. This time of centeredness and groundedness is perfect for organizing ourselves and this self-discipline will help us in both our financial and creative matters. The Emperor card comes to us to help us tie up loose ends at the end of the week, but keep the energies of it in mind throughout the entire week. How can you improve the organization of your money? How can you bring structure and unity to your creative endeavors? How can you be a leader in your own life? Archangel Michael helps us along our life path in a very loving and protective way. He can also clear away any emotional debris that is keeping us from fully expressing ourselves in our life. Call upon him to help you find the structure that you need to move powerfully and intentionally forward along your path.

This week’s reading is from the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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