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Weekly Card Reading: December 23-29, 2013 – You Have Everything You Need!

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Dry Desert

This is a week for adaptability and counting our blessings! We are alerted to change coming at the beginning of the week with the Dry Desert card. With the winter solstice just behind us and the end of the year drawing near, we are shedding the last of all that we no longer wish to carry with us into 2014. The last several weeks have seen us sloughing off energetic debris and healing, and as we grow into our new sense of selves, we are reminded that we must be adaptable. The Dry Desert shows us that we need to dig deep for inspiration and truth, and as we look at our evolving selves, it is a call to connect with the essence of who we truly want to be. In the desert, water – the source of all life – can be found deep underground. This is where we connect with our true source. Take this week to go far within so that you may call to the surface all that which you desire to heal before you move into the new year. Remember that the promise of the oasis is yours if you are able to be resilient in these tougher times.

Protecting Treasure

The Protecting Treasure card is beautiful support for the Dry Desert card as we move into mid-week. Here we see that we although appearances would have us believe that we are in a time of deprivation, we actually do have all that we need and that as we do the work, we are honored and supported. Not only did we reach the oasis, but we are experiencing copious amounts of rainfall and we have the promise of the rainbow behind us. Although we are in a time of vulnerability and perceived risk, this card reminds us that we really have all that we need. We have divine support, always, and the proverbial nest egg is right underneath us. This card is also a call to nurture those ties that do support us. This card beautifully expresses the Christmas spirit. Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, take the time to connect with the pure energy of giving and sharing that it can evoke. Divine support is a given if we are open to it and willing to call upon it, but our earthly support system needs attention and care. It is essential that we cultivate the relationships that can help us through dryer, and wetter, times.

Golden Palace

We finish the week with the Golden Palace. This is a card of abundance and prosperity in all things. Though it does denote the acquisition of material goods, in this reading it has significance in that it shows us that emotional fulfillment is not only possible, but probable. Our self-esteem is so much more than what we can measure through our monetary value; it is a product of our truth and our integrity. If the home is a metaphor for our body, living within the Golden Palace is a way of honoring ourselves for the beauty and treasure that we are. It’s been a week of accelerated growth and we can look at ourselves through new lenses. Step into living your life authentically and sharing your love and light with those around you and your metaphorical palace will be filled with treasure of all sorts.

The cards this week can be read in a linear manner, though it’s also important to remember that the emotions and the self-expression found in them can span the entire week. When the road seems tough and you’re having trouble connecting with inspiration, remind yourself that the treasure and abundance that you deserve are always within you.


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