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Weekly Card Reading: January 27-February 2, 2014 – Connecting with Others and Ourselves

Come Together

We start the week beautifully with the Come Together card. We are being shown that it is time to examine all of our relationships to find ways in which to harmonize and uphold them. Love needs to be expressed and shared with those around us, and by doing so we allow even more of it to come into our lives. The energy of the Giraffes keeps us grounded while also connecting us to the Divine, and that of the Pelican reminds us that forgiveness is the key to freedom. Let go of the baggage and extra weight that shows up in the form of resentments, anger, and anxiety so that you can soar. I’m being told that for some of us, this card is reminding us that relationships extend to any energy exchange as well, such as our relationship to our finances, our homes, and our visions. Take the time to see where you can spread some love and then do so. Notice how it feels in your body and pay attention to the ways in which it comes back to you.


The Listening card showed up for us again this week! We are getting ready for a big energy shift as we wrap up the Year of the Snake and head into the Year of the Horse (for more information on that, click here). A major part of this shift, though, is creating a vision of the seeds that we want to plant and subsequently harvest moving forward. Listening comes to tell us to check in with our higher selves and Spirit in order to receive the answers. Again, this information can come from anywhere, so in addition to silent meditation or reflection, the message you need may come to you from the world around you. Pay attention. I’m also hearing that this card in conjunction with Come Together is about tribe (Elephant reminds us of the importance of our clan). Check in for information regarding your partnerships and your community so that you have a clear idea around how your vision flows with respect to that of those around you.

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams comes to us for the weekend, and it directly relates to the start of the Year of the Horse. I love it! Abundance comes to us when we are able to show up and do the work to co-create our dreams. We have been getting this message a lot in different ways over the past few months. This is the perfect time to take action. There are butterflies and hatching eggs in this picture, both of which are indicative of transformation. Now is the time to keep your thoughts clear and empowered. When you notice yourself slipping into worry or fear, change your thought pattern. This is a time to manifest, so beware of what you are creating. Ask Spirit to help you. When you feel anxiety arise, ask your angels to lift it and replace it with faith. It is a time to train yourself into a more conscious and empowered way of thinking. This along with proper attention and action to plant your seeds and care for them well will yield beautiful results.

This reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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Weekly Card Reading: January 20-26, 2014 – Revisit and Revise Your Dreams

Fortunately, things are calming down for us as we move beyond last week’s emotional upheavals. Now that the storm has passed, we can begin to move inward and forward once again. This is a week for checking in with ourselves and for co-creating something with the help of Spirit.


We begin the week with the Listening card. We did some serious work along with the help of the Wolf Moon last week, and we have recognized and released patterns and limiting behaviors that were holding us back. Now that we have sort of upgraded ourselves, it’s time to check back in and see what it is that we would like to create now. It is okay and even necessary to change our minds. As we grow and expand, we begin to adapt our desires to a different vibration. Even if you are still desirous of the same goals and visions, it’s time to tune in and see if there are any revisions that need to be made. Spirit would like to help you with this, and all she asks of us is that we listen. Open your hearts to the whispers of guidance that are coming to you from all around. Spend time in quiet meditation, but also open your ears to the words of others and to the sounds of your surroundings.

Wishing Well

Once we have revised our goals and visions, we are able to cast our new desires into the Wishing Well. This card shows us again that Spirit wants to aid us in the obtainment of our dreams, but in order for him to do so, we must remain in trust. It is time to cast the coin of our vision into the well, but once we do so, we must step away so that the Divine can work her magic. Allow for this to happen. When we attempt to control the way we think the manifestation of our dream should look, we cut ourselves off from the stream of infinite possibility.

Golden Palace

We will be rewarded. The Golden Palace (I’m noticing that this card shows up a lot for this group; apparently we need to be reminded of this often) shows us that the treasure is not only without but within. This process that we’ve been undergoing is transforming us and we are becoming richer every day and in every way. All of this is already inside of us – it lives in our hearts and we carry it in our souls – and knowing and understanding our value and worth and honoring that allows us to create the physical manifestation of our dreams. This card also reminds us to stay in faith, just like the other two cards that came to us this week. Trusting in our ability to co-create with Spirit is the key to freedom and the fulfillment of our life paths and purpose. What you wished for can and will come true if you stay out of fear and in faith that you already have everything that you desire.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: January 13-19, 2014 – Healing the Ouch


It’s time to take a pretty serious look at some of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back. We start our week with the Goblins card. When this shows up, it is a message to us that we need to examine our fear based beliefs. The goblins are born of our shadow selves and they whisper negative talk in our ears. These are the voices that tell us that we are less than and that we don’t deserve to have what others have. It is time to address these beliefs and to release and forgive so that we are no longer hostages of self-sabotage and limitation. This card asks us to examine what we need to illuminate, and it comes to us with an opportunity for growth. Just for today, will you choose love? Will you allow yourself to let go of even one belief that holds you back? Take some time out to reflect: What needs to be forgiven and released so that you may move forward? Ask Spirit to help you, and remember that you are divinely supported and loved completely and fully as you are and as you are becoming.

Heal the Ouch

This leads us nicely into mid-week with the Heal the “Ouch” card. Again, forgiveness is coming up. Remember that forgiveness is the gateway to the healing of the soul. Through it we are able to find and enjoy freedom from resentment, anger, fear, and negative perceptions. I’m feeling that for many of us this is forgiveness of self. We must understand that we are human and that because of that we are on a journey. We came into this world to grow and expand, and in order to fulfill that personal prophesy we will undoubtedly err. It is partially through our mistakes that we are able to understand what we want or don’t want; they allow us to make adjustments and to define our paths. It’s time to stop being so hard on ourselves. With this card comes that possibility of reconciliation with ourselves and with others if that is where our forgiveness needs to be directed. Raccoon reminds us that we have all of the resources that we need at hand to do so, and Fox shows us that we are adaptable and resilient: We can get through anything!

Storm Fields

This is a tough week, but we are going to get through it with the promise of better things to come. Storm Fields lets us know that “This too shall pass.” It has most likely been a week of emotional upheaval as we’ve examined our emotions and subconscious limitations. As these rise to our consciousness, it is possible that we will experience a major release. This may come through an expression of anger or through a rainfall of tears. Be kind to yourself and nurture yourself through this process. Reach out and share with others so that you may have even more support as you move through this. Remember that the storm always passes, leaving behind it the promise of better days. The rains allow for our seeds to be planted and nurtured so that they may grow into something even more magnificent. Every time we weather a storm, we emerge wiser and more compassionate. Allow for the tempest to bestow upon you these precious life gifts.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: January 6-12, 2014 – Be Fearless as you Step Powerfully into the Unknown!

Into the Unknown

You are ready! You may feel terrified as you head Into the Unknown, but you wouldn’t have reached this point if you didn’t have the tools necessary to move forward. This is a time for you to focus on trust as you continue along your path. Life is an adventure and the biggest gains are typically the ones that require the greatest amount of risk. As we step fully into this New Year, it is a time to allow for your higher self to help guide you. You may not be able to see what’s ahead, but trusting in the Divine to lead you will bestow upon you the gift of miracles unfolding. The skies behind us are clearing and there is a rainbow to show us that we are truly on our way to making our wishes come true. The bluebird on the railing informs us that we are experiencing a rare and precious moment and that by opening up our senses and following our faith what appears to be risk is actually reward.


Mid-week, the Spark card shows up to help us connect with our creative, or Divine, essence. We trusted ourselves to move forward in faith, and now we are being shown how to be clear channels for Spirit. What is it that brings you to life? What is your creative essence? We write our own symphonies and our own stories – what do you want that to look and sound like? Can we leave our fears and worries behind so that we can express ourselves fully and openly? This spark is what ignites our passion. The blindfold is off and we are being shown what to do; now is the time to stoke the flame. Be aware, though, of those around you that may feel threatened by your light. It may be time to address those that wish to douse your flame. Know that sometimes moving forward in our own integrity means that we need to let go of those that don’t support us. Don’t worry, though: When we close one door, two or three (or more) open.

Wizard of Awareness

We come to the week’s end with the Wizard of Awareness. We are learning a lot about ourselves right now! Being able to trust in the Divine and move forward despite our fear allows for us to see ourselves in an entirely new light. As we re-write our stories to create a more empowered version of ourselves, the Wizard brings us the clarity, light, and wisdom to do so in an honest and growth provoking manner. This card is all about mindfulness. Be still with yourself and allow for the vision of your higher self and Spirit to guide you. As you do this, you will begin to take things less personally and you will see that you are constantly evolving and expanding and that every one of your experiences contains a treasure just for you to behold. When you can replace vagueness and denial with clarity, your path becomes illuminated.