Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: January 6-12, 2014 – Be Fearless as you Step Powerfully into the Unknown!

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Into the Unknown

You are ready! You may feel terrified as you head Into the Unknown, but you wouldn’t have reached this point if you didn’t have the tools necessary to move forward. This is a time for you to focus on trust as you continue along your path. Life is an adventure and the biggest gains are typically the ones that require the greatest amount of risk. As we step fully into this New Year, it is a time to allow for your higher self to help guide you. You may not be able to see what’s ahead, but trusting in the Divine to lead you will bestow upon you the gift of miracles unfolding. The skies behind us are clearing and there is a rainbow to show us that we are truly on our way to making our wishes come true. The bluebird on the railing informs us that we are experiencing a rare and precious moment and that by opening up our senses and following our faith what appears to be risk is actually reward.


Mid-week, the Spark card shows up to help us connect with our creative, or Divine, essence. We trusted ourselves to move forward in faith, and now we are being shown how to be clear channels for Spirit. What is it that brings you to life? What is your creative essence? We write our own symphonies and our own stories – what do you want that to look and sound like? Can we leave our fears and worries behind so that we can express ourselves fully and openly? This spark is what ignites our passion. The blindfold is off and we are being shown what to do; now is the time to stoke the flame. Be aware, though, of those around you that may feel threatened by your light. It may be time to address those that wish to douse your flame. Know that sometimes moving forward in our own integrity means that we need to let go of those that don’t support us. Don’t worry, though: When we close one door, two or three (or more) open.

Wizard of Awareness

We come to the week’s end with the Wizard of Awareness. We are learning a lot about ourselves right now! Being able to trust in the Divine and move forward despite our fear allows for us to see ourselves in an entirely new light. As we re-write our stories to create a more empowered version of ourselves, the Wizard brings us the clarity, light, and wisdom to do so in an honest and growth provoking manner. This card is all about mindfulness. Be still with yourself and allow for the vision of your higher self and Spirit to guide you. As you do this, you will begin to take things less personally and you will see that you are constantly evolving and expanding and that every one of your experiences contains a treasure just for you to behold. When you can replace vagueness and denial with clarity, your path becomes illuminated.


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