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Weekly Card Reading: February 24-March 2, 2014 – Trust in Your Creation!

Knight of Water

This is a week to take care of ourselves and to find support from those that we love. We usher it in with the Knight of Water. This card has a few meanings: For some of us, it may be about falling in love and potential proposals. For most of us, though, it is about balancing our emotions. It feels as though many of us have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, and while we’ve been able to connect with some important insights through the process, we now need to focus on equilibrium. The time to act impulsively is over; remember that we can only choose how we will respond in any given situation. Pause and reflect before reacting. In a more general sense, take the time to connect in with your emotional state at the moment and nurture yourself in some way that can help to ground you and enable you to feel supported.

Ten of Earth

Help with this balancing is shown to us through the Ten of Earth card. The support and love that we need and are looking for right now is actually all around us. Connect with your family. This may be your nuclear family or it may be your family of choice, which includes your circle of friends. The important point to remember is that you are loved. Enjoy the little things in life and know that there is magic all around you. No matter how things look on the outside or how you feel on the inside, there is always support available to you. If feels like this is a time for some of us as well to evaluate our support system. Are the people that you’ve chosen to be around you the ones that you really can rely on? When you reach out a hand for help, who are the people that grab it? Reflect so that you may connect with your true support system, and then fall into it knowing that you are honored and adored.

Nine of Fire

Things have been a little up and down, but through reflecting and creating a healthy network around us, we create meaningful shift in our lives. The Nine of Fire comes to us for the week’s end, and it is one of my favorite cards in this deck. It is all about owning your power and firmly standing your ground. Trust yourself. Knowing what and who is good for you is an act of empowerment and the emotional and metaphorical house cleaning that has been going on over the last several weeks is actually allowing you to more completely trust and honor yourself. Some people and situations were meant to come and go, and the lessons gleaned from them were intended to come through in a short period of time. While releasing them may be difficult or painful, doing so will allow you to more fully know yourself. It is an act of self-love to create healthy boundaries and mutually empowering relationships. Now is the time to trust in what you are creating.

This reading is from The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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Weekly Reading: February 17-23, 2014 – Leave Toxic Situations Behind

Crown Chakra

You have a bit of a tough week ahead, but know that you will come out stronger and more self-assured as a result of having taken an important action to clear toxicity from your environment. Before I get into the meat of the reading, we had a card pop out, and its function in this reading is to remind you that as you go through the challenges of the week, you are not alone. The Crown Chakra card sheds light on your connection with the Divine, and serves as a sort of talisman for the week. As you search for answers, meditate and check in with your intuition. Know that you are divinely supported every step along the way.

Deception & Envy

The beginning of the week forewarns us that things are not as they seem.  The Deception & Envy card advises you that it is time to take stock of those that are around you, as someone close to you may be holding information back or manipulating facts. You’ve worked hard to get where you are; be ready to defend what is yours and not let another twist the situation out of your favor. To be forewarned is to be able to take appropriate action. Be diligent and allow for the truth to be revealed.

Mental Conflict

This situation will require that we take some difficult action. Mid-week, the Mental Conflict card shows that it will be difficult for you to move forward. You may experience some anxiety as you attempt to come to grips with the appropriate manner in which to deal with the person or situation uncovered at the beginning of the week. Remember, though, that you have all of the strength that you need to move forward. Once you do, things will resolve themselves and the energy will be released that will allow for positive change. You are reminded as well that you do not have to go through this alone. Listen to your intuition and seek counsel – you have everything you need to take right action.

Moving On

We end the week with the Moving On card. This is great confirmation that despite the difficulties that we experienced earlier, we have taken care of everything in such a way as to allow us to move forward in a positive and empowered manner. The card shows that we are stepping out of shadow and into light, and the compass confirms that we are heading in the right direction. We are embarking on a new phase of our journey, and not only are we ready for it, but we are looking ahead, intent upon discovering a new path and new adventures.

This week’s reading is from John Holland’s The Psychic Tarot.

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Weekly Card Reading: February 10-16, 2014 – Prepare for a Big Shift and Lots of Love!

Magical Map Shifter

Something big is happening at the beginning of this week! Be prepared for someone new to come into your life either Monday or Tuesday. This person will be pivotal in creating an exciting change for you. The Magical Map Shifter card tells us that whoever it is, he or she will either show us or help us to realize something that will allow for a shift in our perspective so that we can be a more fulfilled and uplifted version of ourselves. Pay close attention and be very present in your life because I feel that for many of us, this person will actually not seem to play an obviously important role in our lives. Listen closely to the words of those around you as it may be a message that is delivered that allows for this change in consciousness to occur. The Divine often speaks to us through the mouths of loved ones and strangers alike, so be prepared to come across an earthly angel that can help you make some magic in your life.


Mid-week, we have the Rescue card. Remember that you are safe and cared for at all times. The change that occurs as a result of our chance encounter and subsequent epiphany may result in a shift that can feel imbalanced and uncertain at first, or it could be that some emotions arise that need to be addressed. For others, it may be something more concrete, like financial support or help finishing up a project. Remember that you are never alone and that help is always only a phone call away. This is not the time to try to get through it on your own. Reach out to find the hand of someone that can support you; all you need to do is ask. It is imperative to know, as well, that the Divine is always supporting you and the more aware of that you are, the less you will feel that you need rescuing.

Golden Palace

We end the week with our most popular week-ending card, the Golden Palace. This card has a double meaning. On the one hand, it tells us that we can expect abundance to come our way, and on the other, it reminds us that despite the ebbs and flows of money, true prosperity comes from within. In the context of this week’s reading, I’m being told that the weekend will be a great time for us to spend with our loved ones. Abundance is fully realized when we are able to share it with others and the resulting feelings of love and connection allow for more to flow to us. We create our own internal landscape, and we can choose for that to be a shack, in which we experience lack and mistrust, or for it to be a palace, in which we connect with Spirit through faith and trust and enjoy the opulence that comes from feeling blessed and cared for on all levels.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: February 3-9, 2014 – Embrace Yourself!

We have a different type of reading today, as I felt very called to use two decks. I used both the Wisdom of Avalon deck by Colette Baron-Reid and the Psychic Tarot by John Holland. These two decks worked together nicely as an embodiment of this week’s reading to provide us with a very insightful reading.

Postive Movement ForwardJoy

We start the week with Positive Movement Forward and Joy. We are really making some progress in our lives right now, especially with creative endeavors. The number eight is a number of abundance, and this message shows us that we are creating our own wealth in all areas. The last few months have been intense, but we have been making steady progress towards our goals and dreams. We are being told now that we have entered a period of smooth sailing. The sun (star) is guiding us, so stay on course and remain focused to yield the best results. This naturally brings us joy and we are experiencing a lot of it right now. The sun is shown on a marker at the forefront of this card and the path is unfolding. This is not just  just about the receiving of prosperity, but also about the sharing of it. Joy begets joy, so spread the wealth!


We have a little bump mid-week, but it is nothing to worry about. I feel that for most of us, we are going to be asked to look at something that may make us a little uncomfortable. The Shadow card in this reading is about bringing that which is hidden to the light, and it is no mistake that the sun is a central part of the cards throughout the week. Put within the context of the entire reading, and along with the Forgiveness card, this release calls for us to be, above all, gentle with ourselves during the process. This week is about celebrating ourselves and experiencing the fruits of our labors, so with this in mind, be sure that forgiveness of yourself is at the forefront of whatever comes up. It is time to allow for buried resentments and anger to come to the surface so that they may no longer hold you back, and it is important to note that you do not have to dwell on them. Bring them to the light so that they may be quickly cleansed with the joy, forgiveness, and love that embrace you right now.


We roll into the weekend empowered by our choices and the way in which we have been able to process our emotions and move on. We are entering a period of Hope and Love. How wonderful is that?! As we forgive ourselves and others, we are able to love more completely and fully. This love extends to all of our relationships and to how we interact in the world in general. Remember that we hold the power of our the sun within our hands. With this, we are able to transform all that we desire to light. Use the energy to dispel negativity and remain in your power. Through the Love card, we see that we are ascending and in the Hope card we are shown our power – use it wisely and love will surround you. The Hope card can also indicate that a wish may come true. Coupled with Love, it may mean that your desires around relationships will now come to fruition. Be open over the weekend to welcoming in new opportunities and experiences so that you are in a place of receptivity and connection.