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Weekly Card Reading: March 31-April 6, 2014 – Release and Flow!

Sad Embrace

Letting go is a natural part of life and growth, and while it can be difficult, it also allows us to plant the seeds of a different and more fulfilling future. Sad Embrace shows us that this is a time to allow for those relationships that have been draining you to be shed. It’s a synchronicity that this card came up as astrologically there is a shift that is occurring in which relationships that are on faulty ground are being brought into the light for examination and release if necessary. For those of you that have been holding onto something or someone that has ceased to have a positive effect on you and your life, it is time to let it go. Feel the sorrow and take time to nurture yourself as you go through this process. Understand that the tears can be seen as seeds for the future. What would you like your relationships to look like as you move forward? Take some time to reflect on where you are now and the direction that you would like to head with respect to the people that you share your path with. You have grown and changed a lot and with your transformation comes a shift in the type of person/personality that you want to have within your life experience.


The Mountain card reminds you that flow is your key word right now. There may be obstacles in your way as you move through your week and the easiest way to traverse them is not by climbing over them, but through allowing yourself to be like water and flow around them. I’m feeling that many of these obstacles are more perceived impediments than they are immovable obstructions. Step back and ask yourself: What is it that I’m being resistant to? Why am I holding onto my old beliefs/thoughts/patterns? Are they serving me? As you explore these questions, understand that an open mind and fluid attitude can be much more empowering for you. Open to the beauty of possibility and remember that it is limitless in nature if you just step out of your own way and allow for the energies to flow!

Details, Details

By the time you get to the end of the week, you will be seeing things with more clarity. The Details, Details card tells us that now that we have cleared some obstacles and are in the process of removing ourselves from difficult relationships, we will experience a new perspective that I’m feeling can open many doors for us. Pay attention to all that is around you as you move into these new agreements and notice the minute details for within them lays the truth. Remember that you can more accurately judge a person by their actions and their body language than by the words coming out of their mouths. As you hone in on the minutiae of these new opportunities, you will be able to best judge which truly work for you so that you may enter into them from a more empowered place.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.


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Weekly Card Reading: March 24-30 – Let Your Light Shine!


We have a beautiful period of clearing and cleansing this week, which will allow us to let go and grow! The Release card jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling, with a huge sense of urgency I might add,  and it set up the theme for the week. This is the end of a phase for you and now it’s time to move on. This forward movement is exactly that – forward! Archangel Azrael comes to help you to release any grief, anger, resentment, or fear that has been holding you back, for once you are able to do so, you can experience a profound shift that brings with it healing and levity. Notice the horses to the side of him. Horse energy represents freedom and the power of choice. Letting go is your choice. It can feel difficult to release our pain and suffering at times because despite the discomfort of them, it may be what we’ve become accustomed to feeling. Know that allowing for this to be lifted and carried away to Spirit by Azrael can and will provide you with the seeds of transformation.

Queen of Air

The Queen of Air is a beautiful follow-up card. The Air suit is that of the intellect. We’ve allowed for an emotional and spiritual release and now it’s time to look at things logically. Channel the queen energy to do this. This woman is fierce, realistic, and experienced. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is also aware that in order to continue along her path, it is necessary to cut free that which no longer serves you. Take time to determine if there is any loose end that you are resistant to letting go of so that you may address it and deal with it immediately. This is not an exercise of the heart. Get out a pad and paper and inventory yourself. Look at your patterns and what may still be hiding in a nook or cranny and bring it into the light and under your scrutiny. This is a time to be fully in your power.

Two of Water

This is hard work and so the pay-off is high. We end the week with the Two of Water card as we head back into the watery realm of the emotions. We’ve taken an intellectual broom to our dark corners and now we are ready to forgive if that is necessary or make amends if that is what is needed. Our candid self-appraisal and the willingness to take appropriate action allow for the positive resolution of conflicts and misunderstandings. Because of this our relationships with others are able to take on a new depth of meaning and we will enter into a period of heightened intuition and creativity. With every polishing of our rough edges, we can shine in a new light!

This week’s reading is from the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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Weekly Card Reading: March 17-23, 2014 – Good Things are Brewing!

Coming to Life

Things are stirring this week and a lot of stuff is being shaken up! We begin with the Coming to Life card. I feel this to be an awakening of sorts for most of us. We have shed another layer of skin and we are now emerging and we are more beautiful than ever! We are manifesting projects and birthing ideas and in general living more in alignment with ourselves and our higher purpose. Butterfly shows us the transformation that is occurring as we step out of our human cocoon full of grace and poise. We are holding a ball of light that will illuminate our way. We do not need to rush or force this process; this is a time of trust in Spirit that things are unfolding according to divine timing. Allow for the process by surrendering into it and trusting that we will be led where we are supposed to go.

Storm Fields

We must allow this faith to carry us through this time as indicated by the Storm Fields card. Things may be rough in the middle of the week as this process unfolds, but know that the storm is coming to clear the way – and the energy – for you so that you may move forward with a clean slate. The block that has been holding you and/or your projects back is about to erupt and then dissipate. Remember that the storm always cleanses the earth and allows for the seeds to spread and grow. This action will help to further bring your goals and dreams into the world.


With so much going on this week, you may feel tempted to second guess yourself. Moonlight calls to you to trust your intuition and to go within for the answers. When we suspend our need to control the outcome or the way the process looks and allow for the Divine to guide us instead, we open up to limitless possibility. The presence of Owl reminds us to be discerning and to allow our inner wisdom to illuminate the way. Your life is shifting and you are experiencing a lot of transformation and growth. Understanding that much will change around you as this occurs can allow you to feel more empowered in the process. Remember to step back, pause, reflect, and breathe! This is when the voice of Spirit can most easily reach you.

This week I used The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: March 10-16 – Big Change is Underfoot!


This is a week for strengthening our career, home, and family lives. We begin the week with Awareness. This card shows us that we have all the tools that we need to accomplish our dreams; we just need to know what we desire and then trust that we have the ability to manifest them. This is a time of tremendous and accelerated change for many of us, and the uncertainty of that can often bring about emotions of fear and worry. Spirit wants us to know that TRUST is the key element that can allow us to create powerful transformation from mere change. We are co-creators and by recognizing that we can access all that is necessary for healing, growth, and metamorphosis, we are able to not just envision our dreams, but make them a reality. This is not a time to play it safe or to conform to what others expect from you; tap into your inner child and allow for your innate senses of adventure and curiosity to move you forward.

Base Chakra

The Base Chakra card shows us that much of what we are assessing right now has to do with issues of family, security, and home. For many of you, this may manifest in a new job or the desire to move or move on from something. In any case, there is a shifting in this area that feels positive and growth producing. To help with this transition, connect in with this energy by doing things that support this chakra. Take time to walk outdoors, dance, or connect with your family and/or tribe. Understanding that security is more a state of mind than anything external can help you to shift anxiety into action. Remember as well the Awareness card and know that you have access to all that you need to create your dreams. Stay grounded and know that the Divine supports you in all your endeavors; all you need to do is stay in faith and take appropriate action.


Now may not be the time to play it safe, but allowing for positive and empowered change in your life requires that you take the time to reflect on how to best manifest that. Be willing to be bold, but do not act impetuously; take some time throughout the week to go within and experience the joys of Solitude. Connect with Spirit and with your higher self and allow for your intuition to guide you to the next step. The changes underfoot have the potential to be life changing as we have been doing a lot of work clearing and releasing blocks. Now is the time to get crystal clear on your needs/desires/dreams so that you can reach into your toolbox and know which tools are best able to serve you.  Taking moments of quiet reflection enables you to develop a deeper relationship to your higher self and your sixth senses, which will manifest as the ability to better intuitively handle situations when out in the world. This will further reinforce your sense of trust and faith and allow you to remain more centered and grounded so that you can act from a more empowered space.

This week’s reading is from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland.

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Weekly Card Reading: March 3-9, 2014 – Pause, Embody, Receive

Deep Freeze

We start the week with a need for some long overdue self-care. The Deep Freeze card lets us know that it is time to slow down and take a pause. It feels like many of us have been pushing ourselves forward, and while action steps are necessary and right, at times what is needed is quiet and reflection. Take some time to withdraw at the beginning of the week. Curl up with a good book, write in your journal, reflect and what is important to you. This may be a time to put arguments on hold as well, as being tangled up in emotional webs will keep us from moving forward. Take a look at where your relationships are suffering and ask yourself what you can let go of. Allow this time to be one of a cleansing hibernation before spring; your seeds won’t be able to sprout if they are tarnished by anger and resentment.

Spirit of Place

Mid-week, the Spirit of Place beckons us to emerge from our cocoon. Now that we have reflected, we are able to best and most clearly put forth that which we wish to seek. This card reminds us that the answer to our question is embodied within the question itself. It is much like the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you want more love in your life, be love. If it is prosperity that you are seeking, allow yourself to be prosperous. By fully feeling and experiencing that which we desire, we allow ourselves to enter into the vibration of it. Once we are a vibrational match to it, we can attract it to us. Moreover, once we are it, we have already achieved the quest; there is no more need to seek it out.


The process of this week is perfect for opening us up to our intuition. We have paused, we have embodied our desires, and now it is time to allow for the answers to come to us. We are all intuitive beings and we are all able to receive guidance from Spirit. In the Moonlight card, we are beckoned to explore this side of ourselves and to open up our psychic senses. Owl flies across the moon, reminding us that discernment and wisdom are key components in this practice. Offer your query up to the Divine and then allow for the guidance to come to you. Remember that Spirit often speaks to us symbolically; be aware and open to the multi-faceted language of God. The more that you trust your intuition and the more that you act on it, the easier it will become to tap into it. Honor the guidance with discernment and wisdom, and you will be able to achieve all your dreams!

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.