Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: March 10-16 – Big Change is Underfoot!

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This is a week for strengthening our career, home, and family lives. We begin the week with Awareness. This card shows us that we have all the tools that we need to accomplish our dreams; we just need to know what we desire and then trust that we have the ability to manifest them. This is a time of tremendous and accelerated change for many of us, and the uncertainty of that can often bring about emotions of fear and worry. Spirit wants us to know that TRUST is the key element that can allow us to create powerful transformation from mere change. We are co-creators and by recognizing that we can access all that is necessary for healing, growth, and metamorphosis, we are able to not just envision our dreams, but make them a reality. This is not a time to play it safe or to conform to what others expect from you; tap into your inner child and allow for your innate senses of adventure and curiosity to move you forward.

Base Chakra

The Base Chakra card shows us that much of what we are assessing right now has to do with issues of family, security, and home. For many of you, this may manifest in a new job or the desire to move or move on from something. In any case, there is a shifting in this area that feels positive and growth producing. To help with this transition, connect in with this energy by doing things that support this chakra. Take time to walk outdoors, dance, or connect with your family and/or tribe. Understanding that security is more a state of mind than anything external can help you to shift anxiety into action. Remember as well the Awareness card and know that you have access to all that you need to create your dreams. Stay grounded and know that the Divine supports you in all your endeavors; all you need to do is stay in faith and take appropriate action.


Now may not be the time to play it safe, but allowing for positive and empowered change in your life requires that you take the time to reflect on how to best manifest that. Be willing to be bold, but do not act impetuously; take some time throughout the week to go within and experience the joys of Solitude. Connect with Spirit and with your higher self and allow for your intuition to guide you to the next step. The changes underfoot have the potential to be life changing as we have been doing a lot of work clearing and releasing blocks. Now is the time to get crystal clear on your needs/desires/dreams so that you can reach into your toolbox and know which tools are best able to serve you.  Taking moments of quiet reflection enables you to develop a deeper relationship to your higher self and your sixth senses, which will manifest as the ability to better intuitively handle situations when out in the world. This will further reinforce your sense of trust and faith and allow you to remain more centered and grounded so that you can act from a more empowered space.

This week’s reading is from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


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