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Weekly Card Reading: March 17-23, 2014 – Good Things are Brewing!

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Coming to Life

Things are stirring this week and a lot of stuff is being shaken up! We begin with the Coming to Life card. I feel this to be an awakening of sorts for most of us. We have shed another layer of skin and we are now emerging and we are more beautiful than ever! We are manifesting projects and birthing ideas and in general living more in alignment with ourselves and our higher purpose. Butterfly shows us the transformation that is occurring as we step out of our human cocoon full of grace and poise. We are holding a ball of light that will illuminate our way. We do not need to rush or force this process; this is a time of trust in Spirit that things are unfolding according to divine timing. Allow for the process by surrendering into it and trusting that we will be led where we are supposed to go.

Storm Fields

We must allow this faith to carry us through this time as indicated by the Storm Fields card. Things may be rough in the middle of the week as this process unfolds, but know that the storm is coming to clear the way – and the energy – for you so that you may move forward with a clean slate. The block that has been holding you and/or your projects back is about to erupt and then dissipate. Remember that the storm always cleanses the earth and allows for the seeds to spread and grow. This action will help to further bring your goals and dreams into the world.


With so much going on this week, you may feel tempted to second guess yourself. Moonlight calls to you to trust your intuition and to go within for the answers. When we suspend our need to control the outcome or the way the process looks and allow for the Divine to guide us instead, we open up to limitless possibility. The presence of Owl reminds us to be discerning and to allow our inner wisdom to illuminate the way. Your life is shifting and you are experiencing a lot of transformation and growth. Understanding that much will change around you as this occurs can allow you to feel more empowered in the process. Remember to step back, pause, reflect, and breathe! This is when the voice of Spirit can most easily reach you.

This week I used The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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