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Weekly Card Reading: March 31-April 6, 2014 – Release and Flow!

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Sad Embrace

Letting go is a natural part of life and growth, and while it can be difficult, it also allows us to plant the seeds of a different and more fulfilling future. Sad Embrace shows us that this is a time to allow for those relationships that have been draining you to be shed. It’s a synchronicity that this card came up as astrologically there is a shift that is occurring in which relationships that are on faulty ground are being brought into the light for examination and release if necessary. For those of you that have been holding onto something or someone that has ceased to have a positive effect on you and your life, it is time to let it go. Feel the sorrow and take time to nurture yourself as you go through this process. Understand that the tears can be seen as seeds for the future. What would you like your relationships to look like as you move forward? Take some time to reflect on where you are now and the direction that you would like to head with respect to the people that you share your path with. You have grown and changed a lot and with your transformation comes a shift in the type of person/personality that you want to have within your life experience.


The Mountain card reminds you that flow is your key word right now. There may be obstacles in your way as you move through your week and the easiest way to traverse them is not by climbing over them, but through allowing yourself to be like water and flow around them. I’m feeling that many of these obstacles are more perceived impediments than they are immovable obstructions. Step back and ask yourself: What is it that I’m being resistant to? Why am I holding onto my old beliefs/thoughts/patterns? Are they serving me? As you explore these questions, understand that an open mind and fluid attitude can be much more empowering for you. Open to the beauty of possibility and remember that it is limitless in nature if you just step out of your own way and allow for the energies to flow!

Details, Details

By the time you get to the end of the week, you will be seeing things with more clarity. The Details, Details card tells us that now that we have cleared some obstacles and are in the process of removing ourselves from difficult relationships, we will experience a new perspective that I’m feeling can open many doors for us. Pay attention to all that is around you as you move into these new agreements and notice the minute details for within them lays the truth. Remember that you can more accurately judge a person by their actions and their body language than by the words coming out of their mouths. As you hone in on the minutiae of these new opportunities, you will be able to best judge which truly work for you so that you may enter into them from a more empowered place.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.


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