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Weekly Card Reading: April 28-May 4, 2014: Fortune is on Your Side!


This is a week to embrace your light and to use it to more fully channel your gifts and dreams. We start the week with the Blossom card. Here we see that when we harness our power we are capable of creating abundant growth. There are energies of renewal around you now. Because of this it is a great time to review the way things are going for you in all areas of your life and to make any necessary changes.  What seeds would you like to plant, and which relationships would you like to nourish? Focus on that which feeds you and weed out the rest. You are in a period of growth and it will be accelerated if you take care to invest in that which is for the highest good of all. This card is about thriving and so it is also about having the discernment to release that which does not allow for your greatest growth. Do so with love, and then get ready for a breakthrough.

Reach Out

Part of stoking your flame and thriving is to know when to ask for help. You are strong and capable but that doesn’t mean that it’s in your best interest to do everything yourself. There are some projects that are best kept to yourself, and there are others that are best achieved through teamwork. The Reach Out card reminds you that taking on too much can lead to burn-out, and from a place of depletion it is easy to slide into a survive-rather-than-thrive mentality. Address what needs to be done, reach out, and tune into the support that is around you. Trust that the right people will appear for the right job, and believe that creating the space for this can open doors in the imagination and to opportunity. Moreover, there is an alchemy that occurs when two or more minds and hearts come together. Allow for this magic to infuse your work. With careful planning and well thought out ideas, it’s possible to climb more quickly.


We end the week with the Flow card. Again, positive energies are all around you. This card equates to the Wheel card in the traditional tarot, and as such it bodes the arrival of good fortune and serendipity. Let yourself flow with these energies, and connect with what it is you would like to focus on manifesting. Do you want more love in your life? Or are you focused on your career? Perhaps you’d like to let go of old anger and focus on peace. Whatever it is that you want to bring into your life, it is the perfect time to start (or continue) the process. These energies are powerful, so be sure to keep your thoughts clean. When you begin to slide into limiting thoughts and beliefs, remember that the Fates are on your side right now – you will reap what you sow so allow for your harvest to come from your heart.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland.


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Weekly Card Reading: April 21-27, 2014 – Finding Your Flow


This week, just breathe and allow. We start the week with a message from Oonagh, a Celtic goddess that can help us ease through transitions (thank, Goddess!). The full moon/lunar eclipse brought a lot of repressed emotions, patterns, and beliefs to light for most of us and we’ve been processing it out. With this in mind, Oonagh reminds us to take it easy! Everything is happening exactly as it’s supposed to and in the proper time frame as well. Pushing and stressing over your situation will only have the adverse effect of moving it farther away from you. In addition, taking time to nurture yourself and others can harmonize your situation/life and help you to ease your visions into focus. This is a week to let your hair down and trust that the Divine is right alongside you helping you along. When things start to feel overwhelming, use the peace and serenity of Dove to remind you to slow down, pause, and breathe!


The cards this week flow really well together. Sedna, the eskimo and Inuit goddess of the sea, comes through mid-week to show us that the Divine is infinite and that we are connected to this limitless potential. Again, remember to put worry aside. When it starts to rise, allow it to wash through and out of you. Reconnect with your center. The message here as well is one of not overdoing things. There must be give and take in every situation. If you only give, you will become depleted and resentful and this will lead to a feeling of lack, whereas if you only receive you will not be able to experience the joy of what you have. Give with courage and receive with gratitude and you will naturally fall into a vibration of abundance and joy.


We finish the week with Yemanya, the African and Brazilian goddess that created the sea. We have two ocean goddesses this week! This emphasizes that this is a week of not only abundance, but creativity, intuition, and emotions. As with everything, focus on balance. Being engaged in the creative process allows you to express your divinity, as it is God in action. The truth is that we are always creating, even when we are choosing to not. Use intention and presence to create a story that empowers and upholds you, and use your intuition to check in with your higher self. What story would you like to tell? What aspects of your current tale would you like to change?

As we create with purpose, we propel our desires into motion by sending a strong message to Spirit. The Divine responds by opening doors for us. Remember though that we were shown that we need to relax into this – no pushing! Create your story, set the idea in motion, and allow Spirit to show you the path. Once the doors open, walk through them! No sabotaging yourself here; you have earned this and it is time to go the whole mile. The whale in Sedna’s card is a message that you are on your soul path so be sure to honor the opportunities that allow you to navigate it, and the Dolphin in Yemaya’s guides you to stay in a place of joy and play. Have fun with this process!

This week’s reading is from Goddess Guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

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Weekly Card Reading: April 14-20, 2014 – Embrace the Energies of the Full Moon

This week’s reading couldn’t be any more appropriate considering what is going on in the heavens in the upcoming days, as full moons and lunar eclipses highlight internal cleansing and releasing along with introspection and connection with Spirit. Luckily for us we have a full moon lunar eclipse occurring on the 14th/15th, so it is the perfect time to go within and leave behind all that no longer serves us.


We start the week with the Listening card. If prayer is talking to the Divine, then meditation is listening. Now is the perfect time to check in with yourself. Ask your higher self and Spirit what and who you need to release so that you may express yourself to the fullest of your potential. For many of us, it’s a time to finally leave behind behaviors, patterns, and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Listen from your heart and you will be sure to hear the message correctly. In addition to meditation, look for messages and signs around you that can add further insight into your queries. The Divine will speak to us in any way that we are willing to receive, and many times that is through another person, a piece of music, a picture, or the owl that is hooting outside your window. Remember to ask for the message and then be open to it.

Cleaning House

Release with the full moon by Cleaning House. The energies of 2014 have been prompting us to let go of old stuff and we have been doing a lot of work in this respect. As we become more in alignment with ourselves, we continue to shift and grow. Now is the time to hand over all that currently doesn’t support your highest good. A full moon ceremony is a perfect way to do this, but you can do it casually even – it’s the intention and the alignment with it more than anything else that carries the weight in this exercise. Write down all that you wish to release and then symbolically dispose of it by either carefully burning the paper or ripping it up. Create a prayer to accompany it so that the energy of the items will be carried away by the winds. What you clear now will allow you the space to invite in what you truly desire. As with any intention, you must be ready to align to it with integrity, so after you let go of the past and your baggage, be willing to stay disconnected from it. When you feel the pull to cling, remind yourself that the weight of the past will only deter you from moving towards the fulfillment of your dreams.


The energy of the full moon will stay with us for several days following the actual date of it. Now that you are a clear and open vessel, the Moonlight card asks you to connect more fully with your intuition. As you consider where you are heading, trust the answers that come to you. Your hunches are spot on right now, so believe in yourself, your insights, and the direction that Spirit is leading you. Get clear, and let her know exactly what your intention is so that she may guide you in the right direction. As stated above, remember that the Divine speaks to us in many ways. Keep an open mind and heart, use discernment, and open to your higher truth.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid.


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Weekly Card Reading: April 7-13, 2014 – Charge On!

Five of Air

We enter the week with a little internal strife. The Five of Air card shows us that things aren’t looking just like you want them to and it’s time to evaluate the situation and make some changes. Remember that your power resides in how you handle the situation moving forward. Take some time to review what has happened and what is going on so that you can make a healthy and empowered choice with respect to it. Note what you have learned, as this is the silver lining for your path moving forward. Nothing occurs in vain if you don’t allow it to. It’s a time to review everyone’s motives in the situation as well, including your own. Be sure that you are acting within your integrity so that you can clear away any anxiety, concern, or fear that may be motivating your actions. The more that you act from a place of genuine desire and love, the greater your experience will be and the more fulfilling the rewards.

Knight of Air

Now that you have made the necessary adjustments to your situation, you can begin to clear away the debris. Rest assured that once dealt with, things will begin to move ahead quickly. The Knight of Air is decisive, quick, and confident. Your plans can now be implemented so make sure that you have carefully reviewed how you would like them to look and play out. Now is also a time to put your ego aside and ask yourself if you would be best served by seeking out the advice of a professional or someone that can guide you with the proper knowledge and confidence that is needed. It’s a sign of strength to ask for help when needed, and it will enable your plans to unfold seamlessly. This card denotes that your “knight in shining armor” may be entering the scene. For you this week, however, this is not the man rescuing the damsel in distress – this is a powerful ally that can help to support and empower you with respect to your career and projects.

Four of Fire

Success can come quickly if we allow it to happen! We assessed the situation, sought help, and now the Four of Fire shows us that by the end of the week, we are well on our way to the successful completion of our project. For some of us, we will see the fruits of our labor as early as the end of the week (remember that knight energy has things really moving along). For others, it may take a little longer, but rest assured that it is still in fact manifesting. This card shows us that we can and are experiencing a lovely sense of abundance. We feel at peace as our project is coming to life in a way that is in complete alignment with our path and our purpose. We feel contented with ourselves, which brings about a sense of happiness within our lives and our homes. The dragon in the center of this card and the ball of solar energy lets us know that we are fully in our power right now due to the fact that we have been courageous and true to ourselves. We are also protected, snug within the four staffs of fire and light. Four is the number that the angels use to let you know that they are with and around you, and it is apparent here that they are guarding you (as synchronicity would have it, I looked down just after I typed “four” and saw that I was at 544 words). Enjoy this time and allow yourself to feel nurtured and comfy over the weekend before you head off on your next charge!

For this reading, I used The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.