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Weekly Card Reading: May 26-June 1, 2014 – Transformation is at Hand!

Spiritual Union

There is the potential for a lot of growth this week! We start with the Spiritual Union card. This shows us that our emotional bonds and relationships are mirrors of who we are. Within every relationship that we hold dear, we can find ourselves and our states reflected back at us. As we grow, it behooves us to step back and examine those relationships every once in a while. Is there an equal exchange of energy involved? Might it be beneficial to give more or to receive more? If we have already achieved balance in our primary soul connection, this card may indicate a deepening of intimacy. Take some time to share with your loved ones this week and to listen openly and with curiosity to not just their words, but the unspoken language of their hearts as well.

Obstacles and Challenges

Mid-week we hit a few potential stumbling blocks. Obstacles are often what we make of them. If you feel that there is something blocking you or a conflict that needs to be resolved, step back, detach, and ask yourself how to best handle the situation. Our greatest moments of growth tend to occur after we are challenged in some way. The Obstacles and Challenges card shows us that despite what appears to be a break in the path, we are being guided forth and asked to trust that there is always a resolution to every problem. If you are experiencing some sort of conflict with another, remember that the potential to rise above the issue is strong if you focus on your light. Use your creative energies to find solutions that can provide learning and strength as you move forward.


We see the fruits of this immediately with the Transformation card. Rather than remaining mired in drama or turmoil or focusing on the negative aspects of the situation, we have chosen the high road. It is time to leave the past in the past and look forward. This path allows us to remove the mask of ego for the moment and experience the epiphany of growth that comes with that. We are given wings and are ready to take flight. Know that every ending begets a beginning. Transformation reminds us that life is full of change, and part of our job is to learn to flow with that. As we connect more fully with Spirit and ourselves, and as we drop the face of ego, we begin to fulfill our true hearts path. With every death there is rebirth – seize it.

This week’s reading is from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


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Weekly Card Reading: May 19-25 – Ignite Your Divine Spark!

Sacred Pool

Connecting with Spirit and our true divine nature allows us to maintain alignment with our higher purpose and to channel inspiration into creative and expansive endeavors. We begin the week with the Sacred Pool card. This card reminds us that we are a reflection of the Divine itself. What do we see when we look in the mirror? Take time this week to notice what it is that you are allowing to manifest and grow with respect to yourself. Are you feeling insecure? Do you doubt your abilities and strengths? Notice honestly exactly where you are so that you can begin to release any emotions that are holding you back from fully realizing the Divine spark that you are. Take some time to focus on all that you have done and how far you have come. You are a unique soul signature that is here with a special assignment and that is to be the best version of yourself, whatever that may be. Focus on the unique you-ness of you and celebrate it. The world needs you and your gifts, so share away!


As you go through this process you may experience moments of feeling lost or wayward. At these times, it is important to realign yourself with Spirit. Compass shows us that as long as we stay pointed towards our true North, which is our higher power, we cannot be truly lost. Sometimes our path is to wander a bit. Trying different things and learning varying skills and trades can ultimately be empowering. It can allow us to reach a richer understanding of ourselves. No matter what our path, Spirit never deserts us and she is accessible to you even in the darkest of moments. All that is required of you is to stop, be still, listen, and open your heart: You will be led exactly where you want to go.


When we move through this process of connecting with the Divine, when we examine our relationship to him and allow ourselves to surrender to her will, (which is the will of our highest self), we experience deep communion with the One. When this happens, we become true channels for Divine inspiration and wisdom. Allow this Spark to move through you. Open your heart to Spirit and to those around you so that your creative energies can ignite and bring forth your song into this world. Co-creation is your mantra this week. This may light the fire of new projects, new jobs, or new relationships, and regardless of the form that it takes when it shows up, if you are open to the limitless possibilities of creation, you will experience expansion and love.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: May 12-18, 2014 – Take that Leap!


Wow! We are being shown just how much we are loved and supported this week! We start the week with Aine, a powerful Celtic goddess and fairy queen. She is the woman to call on when you need guidance and the courage to take risks. Aine’s message is to stop procrastinating. You have studied what you need to study (you will never know everything you need to know about the subject, so stop using that as an excuse), and you have held yourself back long enough. Now is the time to take that leap. If you still don’t feel completely sure about your path, this is a strong nudge to take steps in that direction. Check in with your intuition and take the time to ask yourself what it is you love, ask friends what they perceive as your strengths, talk to people that work in the field that you’re interested in. The point is that this is a time of action. It is time to go for it. No more excuses, no more rationalizations. Get out a piece of paper, write down what you want and need to do to get there, and prioritize it all. That is your first step. Your second is to look at your list and take the first action step towards your dream. You can do it! If you work with the fairy realm, remember that they can help you more rapidly manifest your dreams so call on them and their queen to help you make your vision a reality.


The fairies are also protectors of Mother Earth, and we have a lot of her energy in this week’s reading as well. Mawu is the West African goddess that created the Earth, and this card has come through with a few meanings for this reading. For many of you, your life purpose involves the environment (we see this in the next card as well). A lot of us on Earth right now are being called to step up to protect our land and waters from the powers that are abusing them. Even if it is not your life mission, ask yourself what you can do to express more love for her; we are supported by our Mother and in order to show our gratitude for her, it is in the best and highest interest of all that we respect and honor her for that. Further, when we stay grounded in our connection to the Earth and therefore our bodies, we are more able to carry out our missions here. We may be leaping but we are also connected and we trust that the Earth is below us to catch us. It is this simultaneous upward and downward flow that allows for our energies to fully activate.


We finish the week with Sedna, the Inuit and Eskimo goddess of the sea. As a young lady, her fingers were tragically sliced off and from the tips grew whales, dolphins, walruses, and all the creatures of the sea. We see from her story that being a victim is a state of mind and that when we shift out of that mindset and into a more empowering one, we are able to work with the limitless possibility and potential of the Universe. Sedna demonstrates that we are always provided for. Referring back to earlier in the reading, it is also likely that many of you have a calling to work with or in the ocean. The ocean is suffering right now and she needs our love more than ever. If you feel drawn toward a marine career, this is a message to go for it!

This week’s reading is from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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Weekly Card Reading: May 5-11, 2014 – Embrace Yourself This Week!

Slow and Steady

It’s time to slow down! You have been taking a lot of action steps, running forward at full speed ripe with ideas and projects. It’s been a busy and prolific period, but the Slow and Steady card tells you that it’s now best to take a pause, breathe, and enjoy the scenery of your life for the time being. Create the space this week to really be present in your day. Enjoy a few walks and perhaps even try to do a mindfulness meditation while you’re at it. Listen to the birds, notice the blooming flowers, feel the breeze on your face. The energy of Snail is about coming out of your shell to enjoy the sensual and tactile elements of being alive and in your body. When you take the time to really engage in your life, you are given the opportunity to fully savor it. Life will speed up again soon enough, so it’s important to take these moments while you can. Even, and especially if, you don’t think you have the time, figure out a way to devote 15 blissfully quiet and disconnected minutes by yourself every day. Take a moment to thank Spirit for your blessings and listen for any guidance she may have for you.

Protecting Treasure

Mid-week we have the Protecting Treasure card. Spirit wants you to know that you are safe and protected at all times. Even when the rains come down, you will be sheltered and loved. Loyalty is a theme for you right now, and this week (while you are in your slow down mode) is the perfect time to nurture friendships. Connect with those you love and share how you feel with them. Pay special attention to the integrity of the relationships around you and check that you are giving to those that have earned it. Vulnerability allows us to enjoy an enriched relationship with others, but we must be discerning that we are sharing with those that value it. Our true treasure rests within us, and it shines brightly when we are surrounded with loving and supportive relationships.

Spirit of Place

As you journey through your week, pay attention to your desires and check in with your heart space. What is it that you are truly yearning for? As you tap into your essence, you are able to begin to embody that which you want so that you may more easily manifest it. The Spirit of Place card shows us that every place, emotion, and situation has an essence similar to that which people and animals share as everything is a facet of the Divine experience. Do you want to eliminate fears? Embody courage by taking one small step through something that you’ve been putting off. If you are hoping to find love, then offer love to someone that needs it – be love to the best of your ability. When you are able to get to the core of what it is you are seeking, you are able to experience it from its own perspective. From here, new doors of understanding can and will open for you. Dive in!

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.