Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: May 26-June 1, 2014 – Transformation is at Hand!

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Spiritual Union

There is the potential for a lot of growth this week! We start with the Spiritual Union card. This shows us that our emotional bonds and relationships are mirrors of who we are. Within every relationship that we hold dear, we can find ourselves and our states reflected back at us. As we grow, it behooves us to step back and examine those relationships every once in a while. Is there an equal exchange of energy involved? Might it be beneficial to give more or to receive more? If we have already achieved balance in our primary soul connection, this card may indicate a deepening of intimacy. Take some time to share with your loved ones this week and to listen openly and with curiosity to not just their words, but the unspoken language of their hearts as well.

Obstacles and Challenges

Mid-week we hit a few potential stumbling blocks. Obstacles are often what we make of them. If you feel that there is something blocking you or a conflict that needs to be resolved, step back, detach, and ask yourself how to best handle the situation. Our greatest moments of growth tend to occur after we are challenged in some way. The Obstacles and Challenges card shows us that despite what appears to be a break in the path, we are being guided forth and asked to trust that there is always a resolution to every problem. If you are experiencing some sort of conflict with another, remember that the potential to rise above the issue is strong if you focus on your light. Use your creative energies to find solutions that can provide learning and strength as you move forward.


We see the fruits of this immediately with the Transformation card. Rather than remaining mired in drama or turmoil or focusing on the negative aspects of the situation, we have chosen the high road. It is time to leave the past in the past and look forward. This path allows us to remove the mask of ego for the moment and experience the epiphany of growth that comes with that. We are given wings and are ready to take flight. Know that every ending begets a beginning. Transformation reminds us that life is full of change, and part of our job is to learn to flow with that. As we connect more fully with Spirit and ourselves, and as we drop the face of ego, we begin to fulfill our true hearts path. With every death there is rebirth – seize it.

This week’s reading is from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


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