Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: June 2-8, 2014 – Get Busy!

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The Bee

It is time to get busy! This is a week for action and manifestation. At the beginning of the week, The Bee shows us that industry and organization will help us to get ahead. We’ve been working towards creating our dreams and we’ve reached the point where we would be better served enlisting the help of others. Bee energy is that of working towards the common good through a focused team effort. Where is it that you are feeling stuck? Take some time to sit down and evaluate your plan. Once you identify the areas that could use support, reflect on how you can find it. Perhaps you need a coach to help keep you motivated and focused. Maybe you need legal counsel. It could just be that you need a friend to bounce ideas off of. Regardless of what it looks like, enlisting this support can move you to the next level in the creative process. Bee also brings us good luck, so consider this card your personal harbinger of something great coming your way. Sweet victory is available to all those that are willing to claim it by creating it.

The Horse

The Horse comes to us mid-week with a further expression of the same message. Sometimes you need to be carried to get to the destination. Holding back and not accepting help from others at this point in time is actually detrimental to you. Examine your fears around this so that you can truly free yourself from the limitations of your ego. Horse also carries a message of freedom and choice. You always have a choice and freedom can be created by the way you opt to live your life. Right now, Spirit is asking you to step out of yourself so that you may benefit from the support that is always available to you. This is not just in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual. The Divine and your team of guides are always ready, willing and able to prop you up. Ask for help and be open to synchronicity – this is one of the ways in which they remove the obstacles that hold you back.

The Wind Faery

Remember that what we think is what we create and that everything around us is a reflection of what is going on in the mind. The Wind Faery asks you to pay special attention to your inner dialogue and to keep your thoughts clean. Are your thoughts empowering you or are they disempowering you? When you feel a thought that detracts from your highest good, shift it. Even a little awareness can go a long way in effecting change. The Wind Faery also encourages you to use your intellect. This is not the week for impulsiveness. You are taking very concrete steps in your life right now and it is a time for carefully thought out plans and visions. Your focus now need to be on getting to the proverbial drawing board so that you can make things happen. You are fully supported and good fortune is on your side!

For this week’s reading I used The Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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