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Weekly Card Reading: June 9-15, 2014 – Wish Upon a Star!

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Queen of Water

What a lovely week we have ahead! Our soul searching and the work that we have been doing to release toxic relationships and cultivate those that uplift us is paying off. We enter the week with the Queen of Water card. Our relationships are deepening and we are feeling closer and more authentically intimate with those around us. We are connecting in a heart-to-heart manner and are feeling much more intuitive and empathetic. This is a time for us to really hone in on our intuition and to honor what we are feeling, but we must also be sure to care for ourselves. As our empathy increases, we may feel more drawn to nurture others and to help them with their feelings. Remember that self-care must come first. You are of no help to others if you are coming from a place of depletion. Honor your body, honor your heart, and listen to your soul; be as or more compassionate with yourself as you are with others.

The Star

Mid-week we see The Star. This is the time to make a wish for your future! Things are looking good. You have laid the ground work and now you can make your long term plans. Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty, and she is coming through to remind you of the splendor and abundance that is all around you. She pours two cups of water that spring from an endless supply – know that your potential is unlimited! What is it that you dream of? Ask, believe, and you shall indeed receive. This card is also a sign that you are on track with your soul purpose. The star guides you and shows that you are in alignment with your higher purpose and the Divine. We actually have two signals this week that this is the case as the presence of Whale in the Queen of Water card also symbolizes alignment with our divine path. If for some reason you feel lost, this is the time to focus on finding your passion as the energies are in strong positioning and support for it. Take time to check in with those around you and yourself to begin the process. The Star card also signifies a time of heightened intuition – the answers you are seeking can be revealed if you create the space to meditate and reflect – approach the task with curiosity and wonder and be open to receive; your guides are eager to share with you!

Knight of Air

We finish the week with Knight of Air. We have been experiencing heightened intuition and now we have the opportunity to marry that with the intellect. Remember that it does not need to be one or the other; both can co-exist and in doing so can aid in the earthly manifestation of ideas from the higher realms. Things are entering hyper-drive, so make sure that you stay grounded (so much time in the intuitive realm and the higher chakras may have you feeling spacey so focus on connecting to the earth), and that you are prepared for a lot of rapid change. Creative solutions will be flowing to you and a sense of groundedness will allow you to put them into action quickly and effectively. The glowing light of the unicorn’s horn also feels like a star to me – your path is illuminated and you are heading in the right direction. Stay on course and enjoy the ride!

This week’s reading is from The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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