Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: July 28-August 3, 2014 – Open to Receive

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Wide Open

Last week we did a lot of cleansing and purifying of both our emotions and physical spaces so that we could gain focus and clarity and allow for new experiences and opportunities to come to us. So I especially love it that this week’s reading starts with Wide Open. We are in a state of expansion and we welcome this growth and all that it brings us. As we spread our arms to receive with gratitude, Spirit responds by sharing even more with us. This card is infused with joy and sweet acceptance that receiving is our birthright and that by connecting into that energy, we show up for life in a way that is in full alignment with our divine path and purpose. The butterfly in the upper left-hand corner signifies that this is a transformative process and we have emerged from a cocoon. Remember to remain in conscious contact with Spirit and to maintain a state of grace as much as possible to stay open to life’s blessings.

Balancing Act

A lot is changing for us and a lot is opening up. We may feel overwhelmed at some moments and that we don’t have sure-footing. Life can be a Balancing Act at times and it is important that we maintain focus and grounding as we go through busy periods. In our state of openness, we allow for so very much to enter. Stay connected to your inner state so that you are able to recognize the subtleties of what is happening within you as a result of external circumstances. By staying connected to your core and focusing on grounding, you will be able to recognize any imbalance before it becomes a stumble or a fall. Life may feel like a balancing act, but you are capable of being a tight rope walker as long as you remain present to your self and all that is going on for you.

Magic Prayer

Magic Prayer reminds us again to remain in conscious contact with our higher power. We are really in such a great space for manifestation and the creation of our greatest desires right now. The first half of 2014 was all about cleansing and clearing, and now we are entering a period of action and growth in the physical realm. As you take your sure-footed action, remember to check in with the Divine. Continue to ask for what you want, trusting that it is your divine right to receive it. Spirit always listens to your prayers, and as long as you are able to receive guidance and act in full faith on it, they will be answered. Trust and the beauty of this journey unfolds.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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