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Weekly Card Reading: August 4-10, 2010 – Stay Present, Empowered, and Patient!


Memories of Love

The past will play a vital role for you in the week ahead.  The Memories of Love card shows us that we may be experiencing a sense of nostalgia as we head into the new week, and what we do with that us is up to us. What do these memories mean to us? Do they bring up memories and images of love and sweetness, or do we find that we may be feeling a sense of anger or loss? It is time to balance our emotions, and to examine what we need to do to be able to be in the present more empowered by the effects of the past than burdened by them. Remembrance can provide us with powerful insight into our current motivations: Do you choose to suffer or do you opt for gratitude and love? Find the light in the situation, and choose to keep that ignited while letting go of the aspects that no longer serve you.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is our energetic center responsible for our sense of power and will, and how we express those characteristics out in the physical world. How are you showing up for your life? Are you feeling confident and empowered? Or are you struggling to move forward? If you find yourself doubting your achievements and abilities, take some time to engage in activities that can help to strengthen this center. You may want to try a martial arts class or yoga, and a breathing meditation can help you to drop into the solar plexus so that you may feel more connected to your body and emotions. A weakened solar plexus can leave you feeling drained and lacking in vitality and you may have trouble trusting your gut feelings. When this area is compromised, it is difficult to feel success and move forward with your dreams.

The Waiting Game

It is important that we feel strength in our core center and that we not get bogged down with the past so that we can stay focused on the positive right now. We have been planting a lot of seeds and we may think that it is time to start harvesting them. In many ways, we are ready! Only sometimes our timing isn’t necessarily divine timing. We may find that we feel as though all the hard work we’ve been putting in is not paying off. This is a time to trust! The Waiting Game illustrates that we may feel like we are pacing in circles, and we may be tempted to slide into a space of fear (especially if our energy system is weak), but fear will only pull us into a lower vibration that will cause us to begin manifesting what we don’t want. Stay focused, grounded, and in faith. The seeds are close to sprouting and we have to trust that the Divine sees the big picture.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Card Reading: August 4-10, 2010 – Stay Present, Empowered, and Patient!

  1. I so appreciate your posts and they are always spot on! Thank you!

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