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Weekly Card Reading: August 11-17, 2014 – Trust Yourself!

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Page of Water

We start our week with a heightened sense of intuition. The Page of Water shows us that this is a time to trust yourself above all others, even those that have your best interest at heart. If you are feeling lost or confused, rather than looking outward for answers, take the time for inner reflection. Ask your heart what feels best and trust the sensations that you get. Does it feel open and expansive or is it constrictive? This may be an emotional start of the week for you as well, and we’ll be coming off of a super moon, so be aware that feelings and emotions that have lain dormant may be coming to the surface. This card is also indicative of relationships reaching a new level. This can be with another or it can be a deepening of the relationship we have with ourselves. I feel this to be true for most of us – connecting inward and trusting our intuition will open many new doors of understanding.

The Dreamer

Mid-week, The Dreamer comes through to tell us to go for it. This is the leap of faith card. You’ve taken the time to connect within and perhaps you’ve heard your heart’s whisper. Now may be the time to honor that call. What are your dreams and what have you been doing to achieve them? This card also shows unexpected opportunities come your way as you open in trust to all the Spirit desires for you. This is a magical card and magic is all around you right now. If you do feel that it is time to move forward, be sure to plan your exit. A leap of faith is a powerful expression of trust, but it is also prudent to be sure that you have your affairs in order so that you can alleviate any potential stress that may block you.

Eight of Earth

Part of the preparation for the leap is validated by the Eight of Earth card. There may be more that you need to learn before you jump right in. Take some time to research and to talk to others that may have experience in the area of your interest. It may require going back to school, and if you have been considering that option, this is confirmation for you to move forward. For many of you, formal schooling won’t be necessary, though cracking a few books and also delving into some hands on learning would be beneficial.

This week’s reading is from The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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