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Weekly Card Reading: August 25-31, 2014 – Big Choices Create Big Changes

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Making a Choice

This week starts with Making a Choice, and this is big stuff here. There’s something you’ve been mulling over and now it’s time to move ahead. You’ve reached the fork in the road and the only thing holding you back is yourself. This week’s reading really highlights trust, and we see it first through the lens of this card. Go within, ask for guidance, and have faith that the answer will come. This choice feels like soul purpose stuff – know that if you access the guidance within you and honor the response that comes from your heart center, you cannot go wrong. If it feels like too much to dive right in, or you still feel like you’re uncertain of which road to take, try just taking the next right step. Connect within before and after each step to see how it feels to you and trust in the responses of your body to deliver the truth to you. This does not have to be a major meditation event; just take a moment to feel into the choice – is it expansive and opening, or do you feel constriction around it? Remember that while your mind may try to play tricks on you, your body is not capable of lying.


With your choice comes Strength. What a beautiful follow-up. You have what it takes to move mountains and not only are you strong enough, but you are also graceful enough! When you are acting in accordance with the Divine, you flow along your journey with ease, and even the most difficult tasks feel light. I feel here too that the message is to trust the direction that you are heading. This gorgeous creature is completely centered and focused – foot, hand, and eyes on the path ahead. She does not waiver and her faith is absolute. We have new growth as well, symbolizing that the path you have chosen is fertile and ready for planting. Truly, the world is your oyster right now.

Gentle Gardener

The cards work so powerfully together this week. The Gentle Gardener confirms the sentiment that it is time to set your intentions and plant your seeds. Spirit is working with you and watching over you to make sure that your dreams are able to sprout and grow. The field of intention is powerful – what you think is what you create, so beware of what you are putting into it. Are your thoughts positive and centered around your highest good? Living in alignment with your soul purpose and allowing the strength of Spirit to fuel you is powerful fodder for your growth. Be sure that you water your intentions with love and affection and not with worry and fear, and remember that not just your thoughts, but also your actions send a message to the Universe. Be conscious to act in accordance with your desires so that your intention remain clear and focused, and then watch it and yourself flourish.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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