Totem Guidance


Weekly Card Reading: September 29-October 5, 2014 – Fine Tuning for Positive Manifestation

Take the Lead

Opportunities for success are all around you right now, and it’s a great moment to make some plans and use some initiative. Take the Lead asks you to connect to your passion and the Divine flame so that you can ignite your path and achieve your dreams. This card works for both situations and relationships and begs the questions: Where do you need to shine your light the most? What requires illumination so that you may move forward powerfully and purposefully? As you navigate this process, new possibilities of connection and manifestation will begin to unfold.  Trust in Spirit to light the way, but also have faith in yourself to take the necessary action steps. This is also a call to tap into your creativity so that you may explore new options. Step out of the familiar and push your personal limits. Acts of courage aligned with faith are powerful motivators for abundance and happiness.


As you go through this process, there may be times when you feel the need to Detach. Unbiased reflection, clarity, and fairness are key words here. In this reading, this card is not one of sadness or separation, but rather one of peace, neutrality, and transformation. This woman is moving from a world that has been in wintery slumber into the realm of Spirit and light. Her focus is inward, but her gaze is steady and her faith is complete. She releases the dove, a symbol of hope, purity, and a higher love. When we can let go of our expectations of what the outcome “should” look like, we are able to create space for something even better to happen. Remember that the Divine can see around all of the corners, while we can only see down the street. Open up your hands in faith, detach, take appropriate action steps, and watch the magic that you’ve set in motion unfold.

Dedicated Effort

While there is need for an element of letting go and allowing in the manifestation of our desires, we must also take appropriate action. Dedicated Effort shows us that masterpieces are the result of continued focus and commitment to that which makes our heart skip a beat. This is true in relationships, projects, and life in general. Maintaining a high level of commitment to our goals puts us in harmony with our highest good in a positive and powerful way. When we are in this alignment – integrity with ourselves – quite simply, good things happen. Spirit provides us with the sign posts and markers that light the way, and while sometimes they seem to come in a fiery ball of light, more often than not they arrive through mediums such as the words of someone we hear speaking, in the lyrics of a song, or in nature. Spirit is always seeking opportunities to communicate with us. When we create the space to attune to it, we receive the information that we need for the next step. Once this occurs, our actions take on focused purpose and our passions are able to flourish.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland.



Weekly Card Reading: September 22-28, 2014 – Kissed by the Pixies


We start this week with a reminder that an open heart is a vibrant heart. The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies is a card of unconditional love in all of its forms, whether it be familial, friendly, or romantic. This is a call to enjoy love, sweet love and the faeries ask you to open up to receive it, and then once received to allow it to flow back outward. This is a time of healing so this process of energetic open heart surgery may dig up the need to look at forgiveness and self-love as well. What can you release so that you feel lighter? As you go through this process, you will notice that your relationships feel deeper and that there is a richness developing that may have been unknown to you until now. The bright light that springs forth from your heart will also serve as a beacon to attract more unto  you, and you can be sure that the quality of the love that goes out is what will be pulled back in, so ask yourself: Does the love that pours out of you come from a place of joy? What would it take to love without expectation of something in return? Tapping into that space can shift us to a place of authentic joy and peace.


Some of what comes from this heart opening is the letting go of relationships and situations that are not supported by your new sense of expansion. When your heart is opening and attracting more transparent and authentic love, it no longer supports emotions and people that aren’t a match to that. As we grow and open, it can be difficult to release the past, but The Lady of the Harvest comes through to show you that life moves in cycles and that while we often experience feelings of grief and loss at the completion of one, the harvest always brings abundance once we create the space for it. You are supported – the Lady’s breasts are swollen with milk, which serves as a symbol of the flow of nourishment that is able to sustain life while also providing the sustenance and comfort that we deserve and need. Remember that strength in the now comes from disengaging from the limiting patterns, beliefs, and relationships of the past. The process may be painful, but trust it, create awareness around how you feel, and then take the steps necessary to move on.


Throughout this unfolding and the week, focus on maintaining balance. Motion is a natural process in life and you are creating a lot of flow through opening your heart and releasing. In some cases, this can create feelings of unpredictability.  The Undressing of a Salad is a card of equilibrium. If you can stay in a place of poise and balance, it doesn’t matter how many balls you have up in the air, you will be able to not only catch them, but play with them as well. Nevertheless, you will most likely still drop a ball every once in a while, as change of direction and heart can create sudden shifts in fortune. Focus even more intently, go with the flow, and remember that you can come out even stronger than before.

This week’s reading is from The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud.


Weekly Card Reading: September 15-21, 2014 – Honor Yourself


This week is all about honoring ourselves and our inner connection. This will manifest as a deeper connection to others, though this will come about as a result of a deeper Commitment to ourselves. In a general sense, all partnerships look good this week. Have you been thinking of moving forward in some area of your life? The Commitment card certainly covers romantic relationships and many of us will be taking the next step in this respect, but it can also refer to a business partnership or any other enterprise in which we value the help of another. Remember though that all healthy commitments start with a deep honoring of ourselves and our higher selves. Whether single or interacting with another, we can more fully hold the other in regard when we stand on a strong inner foundation. Take some time for personal inventory: What do you truly desire? What are your needs? How can you express these to another and also establish healthy boundaries in both directions? Honor your commitment to yourself by taking some time for self-love and self-care. Finding this inner alignment allows both parties to flourish and this is when true magic can manifest.

Field of Dreams

This process of inner exploration takes us to the next step: What seeds are you and your partner (or you in your personal commitment to self) planting? The Field of Dreams card is a reminder that we always have the opportunity to tap into the field of pure potentiality. Those dreams you have? Symbolically plant them. It’s time. Your thoughts and beliefs always manifest so make sure you are putting your mind where you want it to be. Is it in the gutter or is it in the cosmos? Don’t be afraid to dream big. You have committed to yourself and you deserve to have the stars! Spirit will manifest any little desire that you dream up, so be cautious to keep your thoughts clean around it. Any time that you feel yourself slip into fear or anxiety, acknowledge it, process it, and then find a better thought to replace it. Put a smile on your face and find a way to put some love out into the world. This is not about denying your problems; it is about doing the work to get through the fears and then finding better and better thoughts until those that you think yield the results you truly desire instead of the default thoughts that have already outstayed their welcome.


Home is where the heart is, and Spirit’s greatest desire for you is that you be most comfortable in your home, which is in your body! When this card shows up, it is a nudge from the Divine to go within in a different way. We get a lot of messages with respect to checking in with our intuition, but this week, our guidance is really focused on connecting in with our bodies. Committing to ourselves is a promise to our vessel and all that is contained within it, and honoring it as our home shows a profound amount of love and respect for Spirit’s creation. Safety and security are within you. When you feel solid, grounded, and embodied, you are able to not only withstand life’s ups and downs, but you are also equipped with the necessary steadfastness to take action and follow through. Seeing your dreams through, from inception to creation, is an act of self-love, as well as an honoring of your body, your presence, your very magnificence on this earth plane. The clock in this picture is really standing out to me. The message: It’s time.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


Weekly Card Reading: September 8-14, 2014 – Time to Make a Decision

“Enough is enough!” shout the Faeries. They want you to know that you do not have to struggle so much in these earthly matters – the answers lay within if only we will take the time to ask.


Our first card this week is Indi. This is a message to move forward. Indecision and a lack of commitment towards your ultimate goal are keeping you from attaining your dreams. Life is most likely out of balance right now and it is time to go within, ascertain your true heart’s desire, and then begin to act in accordance with it. It is likely that fear is at the root of your hesitation, so when you do make the time to check in (which our next card shows us is imperative), get curious about your apprehension. When it arises, follow its trail. Where does it lead you? Once you get to the core issue, take a bold step forward and allow for yourself to take a stance for you. Set an intention, create a deadline for it, find someone to whom you can be accountable, and then begin to take consistent and measured steps that are in alignment with your purpose.

The Singers of Intuition

The Singer of Intuition card is all about awareness, perception, and trust. The position of this card in the center of the spread indicates that it illuminates the meaning of the cards surrounding it. Action is important right now, but it’s of even more importance that your action have direction and purpose and the only way to achieve that is to take the time to get really clear with yourself. What are your feelings and hunches around moving forward? What makes your heart skip a beat? All the information you could ever need is available to you through your higher self. Go within, connect, ask. You can check the authenticity of what you get by noticing how it feels in your body. When you reach the Aha! moment, trust that you’ve found it. Remember to be persistent and patient with this process: You deserve it!

The Laume

Our final card is The Laume, and she reminds us that unconditional giving and receiving are indispensable. Whatever it is that you are trying to weave your way through right now can be helped by cultivating a loving and generous heart. If you are feeling stuck in your forward progress, and the answer doesn’t seem to be coming, take a time out to be of service to someone else. This may come in the way of offering a gift of some sort or through volunteering some time or energy to a cause. If you are feeling financially strained, give to another with an open and loving heart so that you may step into the flow of prosperity. If you feel that it’s time you don’t have, make some available to help someone that could benefit from your expertise. It’s important here to understand that prosperity is not just the balance in your savings account, but a general feeling of well-being that invites more love and abundance into your life. Again, following the lead of the Singer of Intuition, go within. What can you give right now? Giving for the pure joy of giving and without the expectation of return will actually send that same energy right back at you. How great is that?

This week’s reading is from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud.