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Weekly Card Reading: September 8-14, 2014 – Time to Make a Decision


“Enough is enough!” shout the Faeries. They want you to know that you do not have to struggle so much in these earthly matters – the answers lay within if only we will take the time to ask.


Our first card this week is Indi. This is a message to move forward. Indecision and a lack of commitment towards your ultimate goal are keeping you from attaining your dreams. Life is most likely out of balance right now and it is time to go within, ascertain your true heart’s desire, and then begin to act in accordance with it. It is likely that fear is at the root of your hesitation, so when you do make the time to check in (which our next card shows us is imperative), get curious about your apprehension. When it arises, follow its trail. Where does it lead you? Once you get to the core issue, take a bold step forward and allow for yourself to take a stance for you. Set an intention, create a deadline for it, find someone to whom you can be accountable, and then begin to take consistent and measured steps that are in alignment with your purpose.

The Singers of Intuition

The Singer of Intuition card is all about awareness, perception, and trust. The position of this card in the center of the spread indicates that it illuminates the meaning of the cards surrounding it. Action is important right now, but it’s of even more importance that your action have direction and purpose and the only way to achieve that is to take the time to get really clear with yourself. What are your feelings and hunches around moving forward? What makes your heart skip a beat? All the information you could ever need is available to you through your higher self. Go within, connect, ask. You can check the authenticity of what you get by noticing how it feels in your body. When you reach the Aha! moment, trust that you’ve found it. Remember to be persistent and patient with this process: You deserve it!

The Laume

Our final card is The Laume, and she reminds us that unconditional giving and receiving are indispensable. Whatever it is that you are trying to weave your way through right now can be helped by cultivating a loving and generous heart. If you are feeling stuck in your forward progress, and the answer doesn’t seem to be coming, take a time out to be of service to someone else. This may come in the way of offering a gift of some sort or through volunteering some time or energy to a cause. If you are feeling financially strained, give to another with an open and loving heart so that you may step into the flow of prosperity. If you feel that it’s time you don’t have, make some available to help someone that could benefit from your expertise. It’s important here to understand that prosperity is not just the balance in your savings account, but a general feeling of well-being that invites more love and abundance into your life. Again, following the lead of the Singer of Intuition, go within. What can you give right now? Giving for the pure joy of giving and without the expectation of return will actually send that same energy right back at you. How great is that?

This week’s reading is from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Card Reading: September 8-14, 2014 – Time to Make a Decision

  1. Thank you so much for the selfless service you offer!!

  2. You are so kind and thank you so much for your love and support!

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