Totem Guidance

Weekly Card Reading: September 29-October 5, 2014 – Fine Tuning for Positive Manifestation


Take the Lead

Opportunities for success are all around you right now, and it’s a great moment to make some plans and use some initiative. Take the Lead asks you to connect to your passion and the Divine flame so that you can ignite your path and achieve your dreams. This card works for both situations and relationships and begs the questions: Where do you need to shine your light the most? What requires illumination so that you may move forward powerfully and purposefully? As you navigate this process, new possibilities of connection and manifestation will begin to unfold.  Trust in Spirit to light the way, but also have faith in yourself to take the necessary action steps. This is also a call to tap into your creativity so that you may explore new options. Step out of the familiar and push your personal limits. Acts of courage aligned with faith are powerful motivators for abundance and happiness.


As you go through this process, there may be times when you feel the need to Detach. Unbiased reflection, clarity, and fairness are key words here. In this reading, this card is not one of sadness or separation, but rather one of peace, neutrality, and transformation. This woman is moving from a world that has been in wintery slumber into the realm of Spirit and light. Her focus is inward, but her gaze is steady and her faith is complete. She releases the dove, a symbol of hope, purity, and a higher love. When we can let go of our expectations of what the outcome “should” look like, we are able to create space for something even better to happen. Remember that the Divine can see around all of the corners, while we can only see down the street. Open up your hands in faith, detach, take appropriate action steps, and watch the magic that you’ve set in motion unfold.

Dedicated Effort

While there is need for an element of letting go and allowing in the manifestation of our desires, we must also take appropriate action. Dedicated Effort shows us that masterpieces are the result of continued focus and commitment to that which makes our heart skip a beat. This is true in relationships, projects, and life in general. Maintaining a high level of commitment to our goals puts us in harmony with our highest good in a positive and powerful way. When we are in this alignment – integrity with ourselves – quite simply, good things happen. Spirit provides us with the sign posts and markers that light the way, and while sometimes they seem to come in a fiery ball of light, more often than not they arrive through mediums such as the words of someone we hear speaking, in the lyrics of a song, or in nature. Spirit is always seeking opportunities to communicate with us. When we create the space to attune to it, we receive the information that we need for the next step. Once this occurs, our actions take on focused purpose and our passions are able to flourish.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland.


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  1. You are welcome and thank YOU for reading! xx

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