Totem Guidance

Weekly Reading: December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015: Open Your Heart to the New Year

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We’ve had a few consecutive great spreads for the end of the year. Last week we focused on clearing space and letting go of clutter on all levels – mental, physical, and emotional and now this week, our guides are asking us to take it one step further. When we go within to let go of our deepest and darkest fears, we create space that allows us to undertake huge transformations. The Master card asks us to do just that. Fear holds our heart hostage and binds it to limitations that hold us back from expressing our Essence. Take some time before we pass into the new year to identify the fears that restrict you, and then release them in a small ceremony of some sort. If it feels good, follow that up by creating a set of intentions that you’d like to bring in to your open and liberated heart. As we allow our capacity for love to grow, we are able to enter more fully into expansive relationships and situations that no longer constrict us and instead push us to reach for even greater heights.

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