Totem Guidance

About Janet’s Work

Janet Raftis uses Reiki and her intuitive gifts as a means of both facilitating your healing journey and connecting you to your higher guidance.

During a Reiki healing session with Janet, you receive an hour of healing that helps you to release past life and early life blocks and patterns that are holding you back from fully expressing who you are. She can help you to cut the energetic cords that bind you to trauma and relationships that cause you to feel fear and which keep you from fully connecting to your life purpose. Janet receives guidance throughout the session from your spirit team, including animal spirits, angels and your personal guides. This unique messaging provides you with insights into how to shift your thinking and emotional responses so that you may more fully enjoy your relationships with others and find the career path that aligns with your higher purpose. Each session wraps up with a thirty minute discussion of the guidance and you also receive a write-up through email.

During an intuitive reading with Janet, you receive guidance from your spirit team as well. Janet uses cards and channels information from your angels, guides, and animal totems that can help you to see and understand your life purpose clearly and how you can connect with it. You can also find out about relationships, finances, and your pets  – the sky is the limit!
Janet’s health coaching sessions are great for those who are struggling to understand their relationship to food and their body. She combines health coaching with intuitive guidance to help you get quickly to the core of the issue.
In addition, Janet offers programs that combine all three elements for maximum results and lasting change!
Janet’s sessions are good for those who:
  • Want to connect with their spirit guides
  • Are looking for clarity around issues that are troubling them
  • Feel anxious and confused about their life purpose
  • Are at a crossroads in their life
  • Wish to find more fulfilling relationships
  • Want to release past pain and trauma that is preventing them from expressing who they fully are

Janet is also available for angel and oracle card readings. Healings and readings can both be done remotely.

You can connect with Janet on her Facebook page or by writing her at:

Psychic Fair


2 thoughts on “About Janet’s Work

  1. Hi Janet,

    You are a very good writer.. I read a few columns and enjoyed. speak soon!

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