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Weekly Reading: January 12-18, 2015 – Finding the Treasure Within

Protecting Treasure

Protecting Treasure popped out of the deck right as I began to shuffle with an important message to carry us through the week. Spirit wants to remind us that we are always protected and cared for and that even though we may feel unstable or scared as we move forward, we are in fact safe and loved. Trust that what we have worked hard to build remains safely tucked away and that this is a great time to strengthen bonds with those we love. The rain may fall but we are always sheltered, and if we allow ourselves to be open to it, the rainbow can brighten our day. We are never really alone.

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Weekly Card Reading: January 5-11, 2015 – New Directions

The Chariot

With a new year, it should come as no surprise that our cards for the week all show us making big changes and moving in new directions. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to pat ourselves on the backs, enjoy our success to date, prepare to move in a new direction, and leave the past behind.

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Weekly Reading: December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015: Open Your Heart to the New Year


We’ve had a few consecutive great spreads for the end of the year. Last week we focused on clearing space and letting go of clutter on all levels – mental, physical, and emotional and now this week, our guides are asking us to take it one step further. When we go within to let go of our deepest and darkest fears, we create space that allows us to undertake huge transformations. The Master card asks us to do just that. Fear holds our heart hostage and binds it to limitations that hold us back from expressing our Essence. Take some time before we pass into the new year to identify the fears that restrict you, and then release them in a small ceremony of some sort. If it feels good, follow that up by creating a set of intentions that you’d like to bring in to your open and liberated heart. As we allow our capacity for love to grow, we are able to enter more fully into expansive relationships and situations that no longer constrict us and instead push us to reach for even greater heights.

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Weekly Card Reading: December 15-21, 2014 – Creative Expression Leads to Expansion

The Chariot

It is time to head out into the world and put ourselves to the test. The Chariot card shows us that the work that we’ve done to date can and will lead to success, though the road may seem difficult at times. This card should come to calm the nerves of some of you that have experienced what felt like major setbacks recently. We are having to manage a lot right now – people need to be pleased, priorities need to be juggled, and we will most likely need to do it all while still taking care of a hundred other considerations. Despite the fact that we have so much going on, though, success is pretty much assured with this card. Polarities come together to be balanced, and faith will help us fly. Archangel Metatron and his cube, the merkabah, or Chariot of God, which is pictured on the side of the chariot, can help us to manifest our dreams. Chances are that we will receive recognition for our work at this time. This may be difficult for some of you who may shy from the limelight, so if this is the case, take some time to sift through any fears around success you may have so that they may be released. Remember that for this trip, you won’t want to carry any baggage. Read more here, at

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Weekly Card Reading: December 8-14, 2014 – Identifying Your Essence

I am in the process of migrating to a new site so I will link this to it. I will do this over the next few weeks, and I would love it if you would join me over there. Thank you so much for always taking the time to share in these readings with me!

1 - Unity

The faeries want us to know that this is a week for reflection and introspection. We begin with one of the Singer cards – Unity. The Singers are the angels and when one of these cards pops up in a reading, we are asked to acknowledge their presence in our lives and to give thanks for their support and guidance. They are always with us, and when we actively engage with them our lives can be enriched immeasurably. The Unity card reminds us that All is One. We are connected to one another and to Spirit in an interweaving and interrelated web – unified in a holistic and marvelous Universe. Read more at

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Weekly Card Reading: December 1-7, 2014 – Express Your Inner God(dess)!

I am in the process of migrating to a new site so I will link this to it. I will do this over the next few weeks, and I would love it if you would join me over there. Thank you so much for always taking the time to share in these readings with me!


This week is all about caring for ourselves inside out. Aphrodite shows us that we are at our best when we allow our inner goddess to shine brightly. This is a time to explore our beauty and to call it forth to be expressed outwardly in the world. Let your masculine energy be tempered and balanced right now through the expression of all that is feminine. Dance, sing, wear clothes that feel beautiful and sensual on your body. This goddess shows us that unabashed sexual expression is healthy when it is fully claimed and honored by us. Read more at

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Weekly Reading: November 24-30, 2014 – Springing to Life

Coming to Life

We have a beautiful week ahead as we bring our dreams out of the incubation stage and into life. We begin with Coming to Life. This card shows up to reveal that we’ve done some work over the recent months, shed some old skin, and we are now able to bring the fruits of that growth out into the world. We hold the light of our labors up high and allow it to shine as we delicately dance with it. The butterfly shows the metamorphosis that has taken place as we emerge from our own personal cocoon. I feel like the shining light serves to guide us as well. If we allow it to show the way, and have full faith in the power of Spirit to lead us, our transformation becomes more powerful and more able to unfold. Have confidence in the signs that you get and the wisdom that you receive. It’s not necessary to look for solutions and answers right now; it is a time for us to turn within and trust the signals that we sense within us.

Gentle Gardener

This theme is continued in the Gentle Gardener card. The Wise Women cares for and watches over her children as they come to life, yet she is in a state of full trust. Her eyes are closed and the love and faith that she feels radiates out from within her. We are truly coming to life and it is echoed in this second card. In both of the first two cards we are emerging and both are a calling to trust in Spirit. We have already planted the seeds for our future; we have created visions of our goals and dreams and planted them in the field of possibility, and now it is time for us to trust that our dreams, our selves, our essences know how to do the rest. This card is truly a calling for us to be conscious co-creators, working with Spirit to manifest our desires and to grown into a more expansive version of ourselves. The possibilities are limitless if we truly believe in the infinite potential of Spirit. In this card, we are getting our wings, and although we may not be flying yet, we are about to!

Peaks of Joy

This week we can truly experience Peaks of Joy. We are undergoing great growth and we feel more connected to the Divine than ever. We have done tremendous healing and have faced many fears head on. We have turned within and trusted. Now, if we give ourselves permission to, we can take some time to fully savor that. Allow yourself to feel the exhilaration of what has unfolded, and give yourself permission to express joy in whatever way feels best for you. We’ve been serious and focused lately, and it’s had its place in our development, but one of the best ways to witness the unfolding of our visions is through the childlike and joyous expression of our most inner self. Be open, be free, laugh, love, lead with your heart and you will be able to fly higher and further than ever before.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.