Totem Guidance

Success Stories

The work I have been doing with Janet is some of the deepest healing work I have ever experienced. Her unique approach somehow reaches around all of me and it feels like she holds my souls highest intentions for me as we work. It is truly an amazing experience, a pleasure and a privelege to work with her. I consider myself truly blessed to have her in my life. If you get the chance to work with her – grab it and never look back. –- LunaMay Lilou Østergaard

I HIGHLY recommend Janet Raftis. Her healing work is pure, real, and gets to the core of your life path. She will assist in clearing all that no longer serves you, and guide you gently back to the core that is YOU. Amazing! –Allyson Roberts

Janet is an incredible healer who empowers you to look inside yourself and not be afraid of what you will find. Since we began working together I have gone through tremendous shifts in my life. She is a pillar of support and encouragement and she inspires me each time we speak to receive more fully all this world has to offer. She is an inspiration and I feel extremely blessed to have her in my life. -– Meaghan Folk-Freund

My Reiki sessions with Janet over the past two years have been an incredible journey.  The experiences I have during our sessions have helped to focus my path of healing and growth.   What goes through my mind’s eye is reflected in the guidance Janet relays to me at the end of each session.  Janet is a beautiful spirit, and I’m grateful for her presence in my life.  –Sheri McCurdy

Janet Raftis’ session was one of a kind! I came in to see her feeling very ungrounded and emotional, and I was praying for guidance with my living situation. Janet’s Reiki healing was very powerful, calming, and balancing. She got very clear messages all throughout the session from my totem animals and angels that she wrote down (three pages of messages!). After the healing, it was so helpful to speak with her and learn about my power animal, other totem animals, my guardian angel, and their messages that made me confident in the direction I am taking and how to approach it. I love Totem Guidance; keep sharing your gift, Janet! –Elicia Woodford

Reiki and meditation have changed my life. After a session with Janet, I feel less anxious, have a sense of inner calmness, and experience a feeling of general well-being. Her insights have focused and guided my meditation practices so as to move me forward on a path of spiritual growth. I love it! –Devon Newton

I have been appreciative and truly excited every time I visit with Janet for a Reiki session. She is insightful with a comforting attitude that puts you at ease as soon as you walk in the door. Janet has helped me unblock negative old energy and push the boundaries of healing. I highly recommend Janet for your spiritual journey needs! –Amy Szymanski

The distance healing I received from Janet was a beautiful, cleansing and affirmative experience. I felt relaxed and had the sensation of warmth in various parts of my body and a feeling of comfort in general. I entered what would best be described as a meditative state for the next hour or so, which was completely relaxing. When I received this healing I was in Thailand, so the vast distance from her USA was of no matter to her healing powers. The follow up advice I received via e mail was prophetic and has since proved to be highly accurate and worthwhile. I do not hesitate in recommending her healing and distant healing sessions, truly a gifted person. –John Jones

In a Reiki session with Janet, you have full confidence that she knows what she is doing, and you can trust that she is working with the highest of intention, which always is a concern to me when letting someone tap into my energy field. Janet is among a few that I trust in doing this, and she does it with great success. Her gentle presence opens up the possibility to feel completely relaxed, which is the optimum for a successful session. Janet is healing and you leave floating five inches above the ground. Much love and gratitude to Janet – one of the Creator’s gifts to humanity. –Camilla Petersson

Janet Raftis is a gifted healer. After one session with her at Totem Guidance I felt more buoyant, energized and grounded than I have in many moons. Her Reiki healing incorporates her intuitive messages from animal guides and angelic realms. She truly is a gift to us all. –Tori Rice

This morning I experienced the talents of someone with a tremendous gift indeed. I had a most insightful card reading from Janet Raftis, whose prowess in Reiki and card reading I commend HIGHLY to your attention. Whether you live in Atlanta or elsewhere, she’s the real deal (i.e., she can do distant work as well as local) (hint hint). –-Sarah Rosenberg

I highly recommend working with Janet to help clear energetic blockages and to get detailed information from animal spirit guides and angels.  I have been feeling much better since working with her and have had a lot of positive movement in areas where I felt stuck.  I’m feeling much lighter and more empowered now.  I have not had an experience like this working with a healer before.  I have done Reiki and angel readings and other energetic clearings, but this was so different and was all combined together to serve in a way that was so incredibly practical, useful and spiritually based.  You will not be disappointed. — Jody Mello, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, NYC

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